Costco Mom Hour {Recap}

I’m pretty sure by now everyone already knows how much Midwesterners love Costco! It’s a thing. We seriously love it! With that said you can venture to guess that our Costco Mom Hour was nothing short of AH-MAZING. Four locations opened their doors for one (two if your location opened early) hour just for YOU! For you to shop without the crowds, to enjoy a delicious Costco breakfast, grab some pretty sweet swag and get to know exactly what Costco has to offer.


Lets start off by saying those oversized Costco teddy bears are where friendships are made. We loved every minute of watching kids crawl all over them, love them and get photographed on them. Some moms met at the teddy bears, exchanged numbers and became the best of friends over attempting to photograph their children on these adorable bears. A huge shoutout to Costco for creating this adorable space for our littles. 


One thing I loved about this Costco Mom Hour was how much the staff were into it. Loving on each member or nonmember that walked through the door. They showed us not only the perks of becoming a member but how much the staff truly enjoy what they do. As many of you know their samples are insanely good and we’ve probably purchased whole meals because of Costco samples. Can you say Costco Chicken Pot Pie?! Well done Costco, well done! 


Something they showcased that morning was a group of name brand products and a group of Kirkland Signature. You could guess the difference between the two bundles of products which was extremely interesting. As moms we always wonder exactly who much we’re saving. Just in case you were aware we’ll share the price difference with you. Drum roll please… 

And the answer is $279.50


We are truly thankful for such an amazing partnership with Costco and we can’t wait to bring you another Costco Mom Hour. By opening their doors for moms {dads, grandmas and grandpas} to have an exclusive shopping experience it allowed them to see the benefit of Costco for themselves. Not only was the membership special an insane deal but what they offered that morning was far more than that. They offered the ability to gather with friends and enjoy a morning designed with them in mind.


And for our Future Costco Members the ability to get cozy and extremely large teddy bears.


And for women to have fun with one another.


And for the sake of cuteness. You’re welcome!


We want to give a HUGE shoutout to the managers that made all of this possible. For making everyone feel welcomed and taken care of. From the Detroit Mom Blog team we thank YOU!


Lastly, we want to give a major shout out to Emma Burcusel from Emma Burcusel Photography  for the candid photos you see in this post. We love them and your talent!

Oh, and how we can forget the swag?! What was your favorite Kirkland Signature product?



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