How I survived this summer…

The summer of 2015 was a blast, however it had its challenges. Our family has a 4 year old, 2 year old, 9 month and another baby due in February, so needless to say we are busy! This summer I tried to relax with the kids, have some structure to our days and most of all have fun.

Here is what I learned from the summer of 2015:

The ice cream truck!

The best mid-afternoon treat that has ever existed. In Milford our ice cream truck comes around every other day, I promised the boys whenever he comes around they are welcome to pick out a treat. I made that promise in the early spring time and I kept it! I think we made ice cream truck dudes sales goal for this summer


ice cream


Picking up after yourself is key to having a semi clean house.

I realize with 3 kids, my house will never look like it came from Better Homes and Gardens 24/7, but a little work during the day goes a long way. During the day, I kept up on kitchen duty and at the end of the day after dinner, we did one big toy clean up. This method seemed to work best.
(I had planned to upload a picture of the toy-tornado that usually takes over my house, but I am to embarrassed to actually publish that on the Internet)

Listening to my children.

I like to make plans and stick to them. This summer instead of me planning our activities for the week, I included the boys in the planning. Some weeks they wanted to do nothing but walk downtown and get a cookie from the bakery and other weeks they were content playing with the hose in the backyard. The boys have opinions and I really tried to honor their wishes for summertime activities.



Learning to let go and relax.

Sometimes the simplest things are best. I struggle with getting dinner on the table, but decided to let go of my fancy dinner style and go simple for the summer. Hamburgers and other simple dinners are amazing and quick to accomplish. The boys learned that sometimes the best afternoon activity includes a hose and giant dirt pile.
hands free 2

Cell phones.

There is a time and a place for technology. I love technology, but when you put your phone down and really watch your children play, you can experience so much more!

teal hands free

This summer was amazing and I am sad to see it come to an end. I learned a lot as a parent and hope to continue watch my children develop more over the next coming seasons


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