One Year Flew By . . .

How does one year pass so quickly? During pregnancy it feels like forever and a day. You count every second until your due date. Then at last that day comes and you meet the biggest LOVE of your life ! After that moment you are so busy with schedules, feedings, changing diapers, ALL while trying to get back into your pre-pregnancy weight. Then before your know it – your baby is crawling, walking, has developed the cutest little personality and is now one year old!

With each one of my kids this one year mark is a tough one. But now with my third I think it is the toughest on me. I was thinking to myself the other day ‘why am I so emotional I’ve been through this twice before? ….But this time it is so different for me.


Every SINGLE DAY at least one person teases me about Briana being my favorite child. I can’t get enough of her sloppy kisses and can’t seem to stop posting pictures of her cute smiles or funny videos. (sorry!!) Not because she is my favorite but because now I truly realize how fast time goes by. I had my son when Lili, my oldest, was only 17 months old. So I feel like I spent all of Lili’s baby years prepping and planning for my son. I couldn’t wait to hit the milestones and get her off the bottle and off the pacifier so that it would be easier on me when her brother made his arrival.

With Damjon being colic for 9 months straight! I spent his baby years counting down the seconds he would finally stop crying! He started walking at 9 months old and he was falling pretty much every other step! I was always so stressed out and worried with him that I don’t think I truly enjoyed him until he was about 11 months old and by then he was a ‘big’ boy! 

After that, my biggest challenge was getting them both out of diapers! I kept thinking life would be so much easier when I don’t have to worry about diapers anymore….

Now that they are older (still little but 7 and 5) they are into their TV shows, their friends, busy with school and sports/activities. I now realize that I spent so much of their baby years trying to get them ready to be big kids and now that they are big kids I wish they could be little again!!

With Briana I feel like I have another chance to truly cherish the baby years. Not worrying if she is walking “on time” or “off the bottle” at exactly one year old. I am cherishing every minute of rocking her slowly to sleep and smelling her sweet baby smell. I know now that after this first milestone birthday, the next birthday will come faster than I know! Before I know it she will be in school and mama won’t be the funniest person she knows anymore.


While I am truly cherishing watching my kids grow into beautiful little people, I can’t help but miss those sweet baby years. I feel that sometimes we get lost in reaching the milestones and comparing our children to others that we don’t realize time is going by way faster than we think. Whatever stress you have or challenges you are facing just remember your baby will only be this little once. Enjoy and treasure each minute of this sweet innocence.




Happy birthday little one. Thankful to God every single day and I am so very proud to be your Mommy <3




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Hello Detroit Mamas! I am Francina Gegovic. I am a Catholic and truly believe that without God I would never be who I am today. I am a a wife to a dreamer and mother to three totally amazing kids. I am definitely a lover. I try to see the best in everyone and give WAYYY to many second chances ;) Everything I do or aspire to do is to better my family and wouldn't have it any other way!



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