Detroit Mom Book Club: Book of the Month for July 2023

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Book of the Month: Bring Your Baggage and Don’t Pack Light by Helen Ellis


When Helen Ellis and her lifelong friends arrive for a reunion on the Redneck Riviera they unpack more than their suitcases: stories of husbands and kids, lost parents, and lost jobs; powdered onion dip and photographs you have to hold by the edges; dirty jokes and sunscreen with SPF higher than they hair-sprayed their bangs senior year; and a bad mammogram. It’s a diagnosis that scares them, but could never break their bond. Because women pushing fifty won’t be pushed around.

In these twelve gloriously comic and moving essays, Helen Ellis dishes on married middle-age sex, sobs with a theater full of women as a psychic exorcises their sorrows, gets twenty shots of stomach bile to the neck to get rid of her double chin, and gathers up the courage to ask, Are you there, Menopause? It’s Me, Helen.

Book Club Reading Discussion Schedule

The dates listed below are the days we will be posting discussion questions in the Facebook group. On those dates, we will be talking about the pages listed.

Monday, July 10: Pages 1-47

Monday, July 17: Pages 51-89

Monday, July 24: Pages 93-124

Monday, July 31: Pages 127-end

We hope you enjoy Bring Your Baggage and Don’t Pack Light and get to discuss with us in our book club this month!


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