Detroit Mom Welcomes Carm, a Harper Woods Mom

Hello! I’m Carmin, but please call me Carm. Growing up on the Eastside of Detroit, I have always wanted “more”. When I became a NICU mom, my “more” became visible, and now my “why” is apparent. The journey was a tough one, and I wear the title of NICU mom proudly.

Taking it Back

A brief trip down memory lane. I graduated from the only all-girl high school in Detroit with honors. I continued my education, undergraduate and graduate, at Central Michigan University (fire up Chips!). There I met and instantly connected with this guy, so I decided to marry him 10+ years later. We have two beautiful children together, and I share two bonus babies with him as well – we’ll talk about them in a little bit. 

Where We Are Now

I am currently doing the work of connecting with educators through facilitating trainings that focus on the intentionality of interactions. I have worked in early childhood for about 14+ years. Free time is a luxury at this point but when I have it, I love to do mindless things like play video games on my computer, watch reality TV, or brunch. I love finding cool new places around the city for food and adult beverages!!! Craft cocktails are a love language of mine (they are consumed responsibly). I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and grazing is a thing I do best. Portion sizes at many restaurants are just so large! So, I decided to hone in specifically on the perfect Small Bites :). 


Music speaks to my soul, writing is a cleansing practice for me that I appreciate, and celebrating women, with an emphasis on black women, has continued to motivate me. I’m an introvert at heart, so stepping out of my comfort zone and connecting with so many beautiful women has been life-changing and worth the discomfort. 

Connecting to Me

While I love all the things mentioned above, finding the time for them all has been a challenge. I’m a new work-from-home Mom and what a transition it has been for me! The flexibility has been great, but the balance is a struggle. I am looking for ways to be Carm –  because she’s kind of important, being a present mom, wife, friend, a successful business owner… ALL. THE. THINGS. So when I do have time to do the said things above, it is truly a gift. Using my calendar(s) – the one in my phone, the one I have behind my desk, the one I have in our command center, etc. – helps me to prioritize! I find that scheduling time for me to work “remotely” at a coffee shop or do a yoga/training session has been a way to put my needs first. It is true what they say, when you take care of yourself first, you have room to take care of others.

My Why

Luckily for me, I have such a supportive family. My two littles have the best village ever and I am very blessed that they are loved so much. Amarri (Mari), 13, and Elia, nine, are both NICU warriors. Their birthing stories are nothing short of dramatic. Pregnant my sophomore year in college, I vividly remember crying as I completed discharge paperwork signing up for medicaid for Amarri.  I felt like I failed him and vowed to change that. Mari pushed me to do better. I became complacent after I accomplished some of my goals, and began to second guess a lot of things in my life. And then there was Little Miss Elia – since inception, she has taught us lessons. I hope to share more of their birthing stories later.  My bonus babies have also helped me grow. Being a blended family poses many challenges, and I must say these two beauties make it easy. Creating a life for my babies where they feel seen and safe are top priority for me.


Staying in a diverse neighborhood has been really important to my husband and I – representation is everything. We reside right outside of Detroit in the small suburban area of Harper Woods and I love it. We are centrally located between all the things to explore Metro Detroit and it makes my heart happy. Ten minutes away is Old Pony (they have the best dill pickle fries) and The Charlevoix (salt and vinegar wings, enough said).

Wrapping Up

That’s a lot about me! What I hope to share is my experience through the lens of a millennial wife and mom that happened to beat the odds to create a life she loves. I want to show up as my authentic self in the work that I do. So some days, I have the best go-to recipes, newest foodie restaurant, or even hair care tips for kinky curly girls like myself. I’m excited to connect because no matter how different we are, this platform connects us. Having a safe space to be authentically you is what I hope to bring to Detroit Mom.

For more information on great spots to visit, check out Black-Owned Food + Restaurants to Support in Detroit. You can also follow me on Instagram.


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