Detroit Mom Welcomes Donna, a Commerce Township Mom

Hi! My name is Donna Kemp. Besides being a mom, I run a side hustle; I am an Online Reseller. Basically, I get to shop, find cute things, and then sell them online to other people who are in search of these items and can’t find them locally or within retail. I love bargain hunting also, so this business I’ve created doesn’t even feel like work to me! I love it and I have so much fun doing it. It’s paid for our family vacations and allows me to be a SAHM. I do have a Bachelor’s in Communications and English from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I interned at a few radio and TV stations during college. Nothing brightens my day more than a Diet Coke from McDonald’s!

Photo by Sara Demick Photography.

What I Do to Put Myself First

One of the things that I do to put myself first, and to make myself feel “put together” each day, is that I always put on some make up and jewelry. It definitely does make me feel good and ready to take on the day!

My Family

I met my husband, Evan, in 2009 when we both worked at The Library Sports Pub in West Bloomfield – he was a cook and I was a waitress. We saw each other and the rest was history! We now have three daughters; Madison (six), Reagan (three), and Kennedy (three months)! Yes, they are all named after Presidents. We saw the names in a magazine under “Presidential names” when I was first pregnant with Madison and we loved them all. Our favorite things to do as a family are movie nights. The kids love getting ice cream ready or the popcorn! We are a Disney family, so more than likely, a Disney movie is what we will be watching. I am also a homeschooling mom and a mom who has experienced pregnancy loss.

Where I’ve Lived

I’ve lived in Metro Detroit my entire life, and I love it. I grew up in Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield. After I got married, my husband and I lived in Birmingham for a few years before moving to Commerce Township. My favorite thing about Metro Detroit are the restaurants! So many excellent choices in each city. My favorites are Honcho’s in Clarkston, The Library Sports Pub in West Bloomfield, and, most recently, Smoke Street in Milford.

Detroit Mom

I am excited to share my experiences about homeschooling, running a side hustle while juggling motherhood, and pregnancy loss and how I navigated that pain. I hope I will be able to perhaps help someone out.


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