Detroit Mom Welcomes Rana, a Dearborn Heights Mom

Hi, Detroit Mommas, I’m Rana!

I began writing as a child, influenced by the novel Harriet the Spy. I vividly remember going into our hall closet where my mom organized our school supplies. Picking out a brand new green spiral notebook, I wrote PRIVATE on the front cover in black marker just like Harriet (and also to signify to my younger brother that he better not peek inside).

I was so proud of having my very own Writer’s Notebook and made a point to write in it almost every day. I’ve had many Writing Notebooks since that day when I was seven, and have been calling myself a “writer” ever since.

As I grew I saw the importance of communicating one’s thoughts well, and I wanted to pass on this knowledge by teaching it. I knew I had to start right at the beginning where my own love of writing was sparked. So, I became an elementary school teacher. 

Today I no longer teach in the classroom. I choose to stay at home with my family as this works for our personal needs. I work from home as a freelance writer and blogger, and truly look forward to that time of reflection, sharing, and solitude when my pen hits paper. I’m also working hard to pass on this knowledge to my daughters. We journal and write together often. They have had their own Writing Notebooks since toddlerhood. And yes, a copy of Harriet the Spy still graces our bookshelves.   

When I’m not mothering or writing I can usually be found in my kitchen. I love to cook and bake, especially anything covered in chocolate.

Me, Myself, and I 

There’s an unfortunate stigma about moms and self-care. This fear of “losing myself” was what I was most afraid of when I first entered motherhood. I realized early on that these stigmas are silly and counter-intuitive. One can’t care for others if they don’t care for themselves first. My self-care happens DAILY for things I can’t do for anyone else.  

This daily self-care is brought about by small moments in my day that help me mentally regain control of the chaos. I’m all about control and organization. I start every day in my Digital Planner, scheduling out the rest of my day and week (even simple tasks like laundry). It brings me calm to know that my tasks are accounted for. I function better and am happier knowing I have a handle on everything going on around me. 

Other self-care moments I don’t compromise on include my workout time (when I choose to workout – being totally honest here), the time I take for my coffee routine, and my time getting dressed. I block out time for my daily cup of coffee, even it means having to wake up earlier than my kids. And I love playing with makeup (especially anything by Charlotte Tilbury), so these ten minutes help me feel more functional and beautiful, ready to face the day. 

And while it might seem silly that a face of makeup and a cup of coffee (albeit necessities) are what I consider “self-care”, consider how many negative memes there are about moms drinking cold coffee or walking around disheveled with their hair in a messy bun and bags under their eyes, giving up even the necessary tasks. It’s up to us to change the narrative. For me, self-care isn’t some scheduled massage or manicure I look forward to weeks in advance (though I do love getting manicures). It is about making sure I can face each day with my best mind and face forward. 

My Family 

My family is Lebanese and Muslim, so Arabic is a second language spoken in our home. Islamic traditions radiate throughout. My husband and I have been married for ten years now. We have two daughters who are six and eight years old. They’re truly my greatest accomplishments. I consider raising them well a job I don’t take lightly.

Some of my toughest mental days have been those where we had a hard parenting day, and work hard to try and fix it. And some of my absolute best days (most actually) have been the ones spent cozying up to and adventuring with these three. They truly define all the joy in my life.

We love our Family Movie Nights, and make time on the weekends to adventure together around Metro Detroit. What we do usually depends on the season. Warmer months find us outdoors at some of our favorite parks and orchards. Cooler months find us indoors at favorite museums, theaters, and restaurants. We also value time with our extended family, and make sure our girls see them on weekends. 

While we currently live in Dearborn Heights, we’re planning a move to Dearborn as soon as our new home is complete. We are super excited for this new chapter. When we’re not home, we love to travel, especially Disney travel. We’ve been to all the major Disney theme parks and on all four existing Disney Cruise Line ships. Currently, we have a cruise scheduled on their fifth and newest one. Today I share all about our family travels on my blog Mommying in Airplane Mode

Proud to Be a Detroit Mom  

I’m honored to be a Detroit Mom contributor, and a Detroit Mom. Metro Detroit is filled with many different kinds of people and therefore perspectives. We’re lucky to raise our kids here. They’re exposed to diverse populations and grow up more accepting and worldly. I’m excited to add my own perspective into the mix.

I plan to write about our favorite family activities, adventures around Metro Detroit – and out of – in some travel-related pieces, as well as some reflections from my current Writing Notebook during this ever-changing mommying job. We’re all on this journey together. Only another mom can understand the magical and difficult moments this job brings. I look forward to sharing more and your own feedback soon!


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