Detroit Mom Welcomes Natasha, a Farmington Hills Mom

Hello new friends! My name is Natasha Kearney. I’m 36 years old, and I am so excited to be a member of this community. Writing about myself is not something that comes natural to me. So, bear with me as I do my best to give you a good idea of who I am.

The best way to summarize myself is that I am a series of contradictions, in a good way though. I am hard working, goal driven, and routine-focused; however, I also know when to relax and go with the flow. I love being social and doing things with my family and friends. But, I am also a homebody who loves my downtime. I thrive when I am in a community of like-minded people. But, I am also very independent and do not mind doing things all by myself. 

Some things within my life are never a contradiction though. These include my love of family, friends, animals, music, learning, traveling, and food!

I am very passionate about my personal growth journey and being able to utilize the lessons I learn and the tools I uncover to help others on their journey as well. When I became a mother, I dove head first into parenting and didn’t come up for air until years later. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I realized I was on autopilot with my life. My day to day life was completely dedicated to everyone but myself.

I would go from mom-mode to wife-mode and then to sleep, just to do it all again the next day.

I was on the back burner of my own life and pouring from a very empty cup. My intentions were good; I wanted to show up for the people I cared about. But I also knew I needed space for myself again. It was through the process of realizing that and then actually creating time to prioritize myself that everything shifted for me. 

I started with taking 10 minutes to myself every day. That simple change helped me build confidence, fill my cup, and show up better for myself and those within my life. I was able to come up for air and figure out how to do more than just get through my days on autopilot. If I hadn’t had a community of women who were supporting me at the time, I would not have been able to do that though. So as I stepped forward into new clarity and a different energy, I knew I wanted to reach back and be that support system for others. I wanted to grab the hands of anyone who felt like I had in the past, anyone who needed help to remove themselves from the back burner of their own lives, and pull them forward with me. Then, it snowballed! 

I am now very involved in working with others on their journey through life as a certified life coach, reiki healer, and alternative healing therapist. Within my own life coaching business, A Journey Back To You, I do 1:1 coaching. I am still very much at the beginning stages of getting my business off the ground and currently working part time hours. But, I am so excited to see where it leads me in the coming years. I feel very honored to do this work.

For added support outside of my coaching business, I also created a free coaching group, The Transformation Circle. I created it with a close friend of mine who is a spiritual life coach. Within this community we offer free monthly group coaching calls on various topics, available to anyone who is interested. 

In a nutshell, you could say, at this stage in my life my main passion is embracing my authentic self and working on being able to show up as my highest self for myself, my husband, my daughter, my family, my friends, my business, to Detroit Moms, to strangers, and for anything else yet to come. I can’t wait to see what I uncover along the way. 

Filling My Cup

I lean into several self-care tools throughout my days that help me prioritize myself and fill my cup. In the morning I make time for journaling and reading a personal development book. This helps me set my intentions for the day. I also plan out my days and weeks. This way, I can create some type of balance between all areas of my life. I try my best to prioritize movement in the form of walking, exercising, or stretching at least a few times a week.

My evening routine consists of reading, journaling, and mediating. I also love to cook, paint my nails, and take salt baths when I need a little extra self-care. I will tell you right now though, I am not always consistent with all of these activities every single day. Depending on our schedule, some days I feel I can only commit to 10 minutes for myself. If that is all I have available, that is what I show up for. 

My Family

Our little family consists of me and my husband, Brandon, who have been married for about 10.5 years and our daughter, Layne. My husband is the calm to my and my daughter’s high energy; he is also my biggest supporter. Layne is sweet, sassy, smart, thoughtful, and full of energy and questions. I have stayed at home full time with her since she was born. It’s only recently that I started working part time and creating those at-home working hours based around our schedule. 

I feel that I will relate well to other stay-at-home moms who feel they have lost parts of themselves throughout motherhood; any mom who is trying to figure out how to prioritize themselves within a full life without feeling guilty for taking that time for themselves. 

Michigan Living

I was born and raised in Michigan! I have lived in eight different Michigan cities during my lifetime so far. These include Flint, Holt, DeWitt, Ortonville, Williamston, Kalamazoo, Auburn Hills, and now Farmington Hills. Most of my time has been spent in the small town of Williamston, about 20 minutes east of MSU’s campus. However, the metro Detroit area is one of my favorite places to live.

I love so many things about the metro Detroit area. I love how many activities there are to do. There are so many beautiful places to see, lots of yummy food to eat, huge parks, and lots of shopping. My family really enjoys Heritage Park, Kensington Metropark, the Detroit Zoo, Kidcadia, Jungle Java, and Farmington Hills Public Library. We love to eat at Donut Bar (shout out to the fruity pebbles donut) and Craft Breww City. Our other favorites include Jay Alexanders, Midami Sushi, and New Mandarin Garden. 

My favorite part about metro Detroit, and where we live in Farmington Hills though, is how diverse it is. Being a minority myself and growing up in a small town without much diversity, I knew I did not want my child to have that same experience. It is so important to us that we expose our daughter to a variety of cultures. We’re very thankful we have that here. 

A New Adventure

I am so honored to be a part of this community. I cannot wait to help other mothers find ways to prioritize themselves without feeling guilty for taking that time for themselves. I’d love to help other mothers see how they can take care of themselves without feeling like they are adding more to their already full plate. I want to help women see that they can take care of themselves and prioritize their own life experience without taking anything away from their family’s experience. I want to share how pouring into your own cup actually helps you show up more patient, present, and loving to your loved ones and to yourself. 

In my coaching, I always share how there are four pillars that create a solid foundation for long lasting change, growth, and healing. Those pillars are: self love and acceptance, mindset and personal growth, actions and habits, as well as rest and recharge. I am excited to get to share some of those tools with this community and it’s followers as well, because they have been instrumental to me and my mental health. I hope to bring inspiration, encouragement, healing, laughs, and fun to this group. 


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