Detroit Mom Welcomes Laura, a Brighton Mom

Hi! My name is Laura. I am a dental hygienist turned stay-at-home mom, currently at the phase of toddler mom life where the dust settles bit. My girls are two and three-and-a-half and no longer need constant supervision, and play together independently. Because of that, I find it slightly easier to have a bit of time for myself again, even if it’s after the kids go to bed.

Things that describe me: introvert, nature lover, flower gardening enthusiast, and a lover of animals and 90s music (hip/hop and r&b are my go-to’s when I’m in the car alone). Reading is also something I enjoy (especially a good mystery or thriller!), as well as writing, which is part of the reason I’m here! 

Photo by Tara Droz Photography

Taking Time for Me

Taking time for myself is not something I’ve done much of until recently, but I am slowly getting there. First of all, I enjoy keeping up with a skincare routine morning and evening. It is a guaranteed few minutes for me to focus only on myself and use a few products I enjoy. This is also something that helps me decompress in the evenings. Secondly, getting to bed at a decent time is also necessary to me, I’ve learned, as I’m better equipped to handle the next day if I’m rested. And finally, relaxing in bed with a book before going to sleep is something I love! It is hard to do much more than that because I don’t always feel I have the time. I have to believe self-care will get a little easier the older my kids get!

Introducing My Family

My husband, Josh, and I were married in 2017. Elena is our oldest, born in June of 2019. She is three-and-a-half and is fiercely smart, funny, creative, caring, and observant. She loves all things nature, and animals, and can often be found dancing around the house. This past fall, she started 3’s preschool and it is so much fun watching her learn and grow. Amelia is our youngest, born in April of 2021, and is the definition of joy and delight. Sweet, silly, and easy going are the best words to describe her. Like her sister, she loves to sing and dance, and to play dress-up. She’s our girly girl! One of my favorite parts of motherhood so far is watching the relationship between our girls grow and blossom.

Where I’m From

I grew up in Lake Orion and now our family lives in Brighton. We like living in metro Detroit because there’s always something to do and many family-friendly activities. We love to visit Kensington Metro Park, the Detroit Zoo, and the Imagination Station playground in downtown Brighton. In the summer, we have been known to make a trip to Royal Oak to go to Ray’s Ice Cream, the best ice cream spot in the area! My husband and I used to live in Royal Oak and we love Ray’s! The mango sorbet is incredible!

I look forward to bringing everyday, real content to Detroit Mom. Hopefully things that other moms can relate to, and that they’ll find supportive!


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