Detroit Mom Welcomes Fotini, a Grosse Ile Mom

“Who am I? That’s a secret, I’ll never tell.”

Hello, my name is Fotini Callis, but most of my friends call me Fo. My friends describe me as highly motivated, creative, confident, honest, optimistic, and loyal. I am an extrovert and thrive when I am around people and socializing.

Callis family vacation to Mackinac Island.Currently, I am a program director for a young 5’s program on Grosse Ile. In pursuit of lifelong learning, I have continued my education at Eastern Michigan University where I obtained a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education and recently received my administration certificate for elementary and secondary from the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals.

During my educational journey, I conducted my thesis analysis on the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic had on student academics. I have made it a point to stay up-to-date on the current teaching methods. Even with the challenges of virtual learning and the current educational landscape, the feeling of watching my students have their “aha” moment is something I look forward to.

I’m passionate about forming positive relationships with students and staff to ensure the creation of a positive learning environment. I want to instill a sense of confidence in students and staff members to enable them to grow as learners. I welcome opportunities to contribute to my success and improvement of learning initiatives.

Graduate school graduation.

“We all wear different masks for different reasons.” -Gossip Girl

When I am not my sons’ chauffer or shivering at a hockey rink, you can find me with my kindle reading up on a new mystery or psychological thriller. My guilty pleasure is watching reality TV, FRIENDS, and Gossip Girl. If you come to my house, one of those are playing in the background. To get my body moving, I either jump on my Peloton, complete a barre or yoga class, or take our dog for a walk around the block.

Like Raquel Leviss on Vanderpump Rules, I have had panic attacks over personal identity and questions on who I am as a person. I identify as a mother, wife, and teacher; but I do not know who Fo is. I am still working on figuring out who I am as I learn to put myself first and not worry as much about what others think of me. While this has been difficult, my therapist has helped me crack my shell to reveal my identity.

“The memories we make with our family are everything.” – Candace Cameron Bure.

I always say everything I do is for my boys–whether it be therapy to get over my anxiety or spending every weekend at the hockey rink. I am a mother to two little boys and many rainbow babies. My boys are five and eight and they are my greatest blessings. I have always been asked if I am going to go for the girl, but unfortunately, after multiple miscarriages I have been diagnosed with secondary infertility. While the diagnosis was hard to hear, I am fortunate to have those two little boys.

I am a Peloton mom, working mom, teacher mom, boy mom, and hockey mom. My husband and I live in Grosse Ile, an island south of Detroit situated in the Detroit River between Canada and Michigan.

Seasonal depression hits me hard during the winter months of living in Michigan, but when we experience spring and summer, I am reminded of how much I love the state. My husband and I own a restaurant in Ecorse, called Auburn Café, known for our Greek salads and lambchops–we couldn’t have survived the pandemic without the continued support from community members of the metro Detroit area. We are fortunate to live in the metro Detroit area, where we can experience the urban suburban mix.

Downtown Detroit is at our doorstep, where we can find thriving restaurants, sports venues, and entertainment for families. My favorite season is the fall, where we experience the changing of the colors. I love seeing the trees change to their brightened orange and red colors before the winter blues hit again. While I crave the beach and sunshine in the winter, I couldn’t have imagined a better place to raise my family.

“Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.” -Sylvia PlathBack to the Club Night at the Detroit Athletic Club.

 I am excited for this opportunity to write for Detroit Mom because I felt alone going through my depression, anxiety, and miscarriages. Many people view those topics as being taboo and avoid discussing them. When I was going through my own battles, I had no one to turn to; it would’ve been nice to have a platform to realize that I am not alone in those journeys. I am looking forward to helping other mothers feel like they have a community of women that is there to support them in their darkest moments.

“You know you love me.”

Xoxo, Fo


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