Fotini is a Downriver girl born and raised. She lives with her husband and two boys on Grosse Ile. Together they own a Greek tavern style restaurant, Auburn Cafe, in Ecorse. Fotini is a full-time teacher and is actively seeking to obtain a principal position in a K-12 public school setting. After experiencing post-partum depression, secondary infertility, and miscarriages, Fotini has shared her story and allowed other woman to realize they are not alone going through their fertility journey.

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Fotini and her family outside

Detroit Mom Welcomes Fotini, a Grosse Ile Mom

“Who am I? That’s a secret, I’ll never tell." Hello, my name is Fotini Callis, but most of my friends call me Fo. My friends describe me as highly motivated, creative, confident, honest, optimistic, and...
eggs dyed red for Greek Orthodox Easter

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