Easy Ways to Celebrate National Sister’s Day

“Hey Sis, no, not you! I’m talking to my other sis. Nope! Not you either!” Sunday is National Sister’s Day, and I am the youngest of four girls–ahem, I mean women–with no brothers! So, Sunday will be a special day for all of us who are now older and more mature to spend some real quality time with each other, while catching up and reminiscing about our so-called lives!

Growing up with all girls and now having an unpredictable and adventurous life with all boys is a total 180! However, we are blessed with what we have and take it one day at a time while playing superheroes and dinosaurs, watching every boy movie, knowing all the cool YouTubers, and spectating all sorts of sports week after week after week!

Ibarrola Sisters

Spend QT with your Sissies

National Sister’s Day helps us remember to cherish the moments we shared. It allows us to make new, fun, adult memories, especially with our children for some great family bonding. What did you love doing with your sister(s) when you were young? Can you find time to plan once a month (or more) bonding activities with them (or her), even with your busy schedules? The answer is YES! If you don’t do it now, it’s time to start! 

Here are some awesome spots in + around Metro Detroit for some sister time:

Ikea | 41640 Ford Road | Canton

Meet up with your sister(s) and have fun walking around Ikea to see all the fun things you shouldn’t buy! Grab a cart and take great sissy photos for IG! Don’t forget to have a blast together while buying that knew kitchen gadget you have to have.

Jams Restaurant | 45709 Hayes Road | Shelby Township

If you don’t have all day to catch up with your sis, do brunch at Jams. They have a full-size bar and the best gourmet waffles you won’t regret ordering! If you like sweet and your sister loves savory, share your dishes!

Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit | 2439 4th Street | Detroit

Visit this cool museum that enriches the educational sector for the Fashion, Graphic, and Product Design industries. Each year they showcase a different type of art like dance or music, and this year is the PUNK culture! Reminiscing about those fun times with your sister(s) and how bad our makeup was in the ’80s is golden!

Rivage Day Spa | 210 S. Old Woodward St. 210 | Birmingham

Book an overdue spa day with your big and/or lil’ sis. A nice massage for both of you or a great facial with a side of manis and pedis would supply both of you with some extra self-care. They have a 15-minute eye enhancement on the menu with Vitamin C, Green Tea, and Mulberry Extract!

Explore your birth order

Alfred Adler studied birth order. Which birth order sister are you? My three older sisters and I have a lot of fun with knowing our characteristics and why we do what we do and act in certain situations! Like I said, I am the baby of the family. Who can relate?

According to Healthline, the youngest sister is creative, highly social, confident, good at problem solving, and adept at getting others to do things for them. Do you think this is accurate? Hmm. Don’t ask my sisters! (I know what they will say about the last bullet point!)

According to well+good, the middle sister or the “Jan Sis” is creative when finding ways to get attention, a tad melodramatic, a peacemaker, places importance on alone time, makes friends easily, and is independent. Are these truly correct, middle sisters? I have two, and I can attest that five out of six of these traits describe them!  

Who is the oldest of the family here? These are some of the traits that you acquired being the lucky firstborn, according to Parents: conscientious, cautious, reliable, an achiever, controlling, and structured. If you’re the oldest, does this sound like you? It sure sounds exactly like my oldest and undoubtedly bossy sister! You know I love you, Ate (which means big sister in Tagalog, the Filipino language.)!

Whatever place you are in your family, there is only one of YOU! Take ownership of who you are, and everything will be alright with your relationships with your sister(s). For instance, I know I can call my oldest sister for anything, be it great news or if I had a bad day, because she will always be there to tell me everything will be just fine. My two middle sisters are both so different. One of them is great for social events; she is super laid back and always having fun! And the other one is a self-starter and very independent in all types of situations.

When we are all together, we all know who to turn to for certain things. Our parents also know who to call when they need something done.

Friends for Life

Sisters are friends we are born with. They were there helping us get ready for our first date. They may have shown us how to navigate our first kiss and even our first time (eeek!)! As we grow older together, we still learn from each other and argue with each other. However, at the end of each night, we still text in our sisters’ group chat to show how much we appreciate having each other.

We now have our own families with more drama than we had back in the day. We love it, though! It’s much better than being boring and snoring, right? Do you feel the same way?  Happy National Sister’s Day from one sis to another!

If you and your sister(s) love to read, check out our Book Club!

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Antonette is a Girly Boymom of 2, a Dogmom of 3 and a wife of a hard-working husband in the medical field. Born in Detroit and raised in the "Burbs" they now reside in Macomb Township where they love to update their sweet, sweet home little by little for 10 years now. She was a SAHM-Socially Active Home Mom- due to the Pandemic. But then worked for a children's charity organization for over a year where she found her Philanthropy passion for the non-profit world! With that she has worked in Retail Management for a number of years from High-End Fashion to Home Decor! You can say “This Filipina Mama has a Sense of Style”! When she’s not having fun with her boys, you will find her volunteering at church or Instablogging @quaityofwifeandboys. Here, she shares Filipino Recipes, Kid Stuff, Fashion-Forward Reels and anything and everything about being MOM! She also loves to sing and dance! You’ll always find her wearing some sort of Pink and drinking a Latte! There's also a momprenuer bug inside this non-stop Filipina! She is a freelance writer/content creator for various businesses and publications. She is here to help your business or non-profit organization!


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