Embrace The Simple Pleasures Now, Don’t Save Them

Katie Allow yourself pleasures...

It all started with a tea bag. I had one left. I could get more. It was my favorite tea but nothing exotic, I could easily get more. I was standing in the kitchen wanting to drink it but consciously observed myself thinking, Not today, you may really need that one day.

But wait.

Wouldn’t using that make today better? Why wasn’t I allowing myself to to what I wanted? Why didn’t I believe that I deserved that tea bag today? What was I rationing it for?

I realized it wasn’t just the tea bag. I was only allowing myself a certain amount of pleasure each day. I looked back even at that morning previous to the tea bag incident and there were other examples of this:

  • I hadn’t allowed myself to use an aromatherapy bath bomb—again saving it for a rainy day.

  • I hadn’t allowed myself to wear my favorite underwear—claiming I might need them a ‘better or more important day’.

  • I hadn’t allowed myself to listen to my favorite playlist—claiming I might get sick of them and should save them for a better day.

The list went on and that was just that morning…woah.

If I had denied myself that much pleasure just that morning and it was only 10:00 am, how much pleasure was I missing over the course of my life?

In that moment of awareness back in the kitchen with the tea bag, I decided to change—to choose pleasure and choose myself. I not only boiled the water and allowed my tea bag to steep but I did so in my favorite tea-cup and saucer, the really nice beautiful one that I’ve been waiting to use until the president visits my apartment.

I sat, enjoyed my tea put on my favorite music and allowed my creativity to flow. I ended up writing this blog post, cruising through emails, and having an amazing day. Why? Because I allowed myself my favorite tea? Not exactly. Because I allowed myself to follow my genuine full pleasure.

When we allow ourselves pleasure, true, full, deep pleasure we are closer to your true self and therefore can hear clearer intuition. It’s difficult to hear your internal guidance when you’re sad, stressed anxious and simple to hear it when you’re happy and deep in pleasure. It is a beautiful thing that the life is designed that way, so why do we block it?

It is because we are not valuing ourselves. Our belief that we’re not good {smart/pretty/thin/sexy/funny…insert your word here_____} enough blocks us from allowing ourselves to do, eat, be who we truly are. We think, who am I to be great? Who am I to allow myself what I want, I don’t deserve it.




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Katie wants to live in a world where wellness is available to everyone. As a coach, speaker and wellness blogger she loves writing and talking about holistic health on her blog, [http://thewellnesswonderland.com], her weekly Podcast WWRadio [http://thewellnesswonderland.com/?cat=647], and in her daily life.

 If you’d like more inspiration from Katie visit her in Wonderland or on her Instagram [http://instagram.com/katiedalebout/],Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/TheWellnessWonderland?fref=ts] ,Twitter [https://twitter.com/katiedalebout], and YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZeGjRFLpNwpprPdZ63ZzMg]. Be well…


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