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Are you constantly looking for the perfect caregiver? Someone you can completely trust with your precious little ones. Launched over the Fall, brings you ease when looking for the perfect person. They offer a new way for families to find, book and pay for child care. Rest assure that this is not the only service they offer. They offer everything from children, tutoring, lessons to pet care and more. Relax and let CareBooker take care of you.


As a mom (possibly a little over-protective) I find myself struggling to find someone I trust and connect with to take care of my children. When I walk out the door every morning, I want to feel comfortable with whom I’ve left my children with. I want to know that they are going to be safe. When I returned to work after my maternity leave I found myself wondering how I was going to find a reliable care provider without putting her in daycare with several other children. I can tell you that I wish I would have known about something like this at the time. I would have loved to view several comprehensive files, background check, testimonials and read certified reviews. When asked to review I was beyond excited because I am hoping that someone in need of child care will find what I have to say helpful. You never really know when you’ll need a babysitter and lets face it, date nights are an absolute must. Let’s see exactly how easy is. I’ve answered a few questions/concerns based on


Finding a Babysitter Is As Easy As CareBooker


Can I interview our potential Care Provider?


We all know how important first impressions are. With they want you to feel comfortable and safe with the person providing care. They want you to get to know your provider well enough by asking several questions so that you feel comfortable leaving your loved one with them. With CareBooker you have the option to request a FREE interview before you even book the appointment. This can be over the phone, face-to-face, or whatever way you feel comfortable with. During the interview you can let the potential provider know exactly what you are requesting of them and what expected during the appointment. More than anything you want to make sure that the care provider you select and your family are a perfect fit for one another.


What is the cost for this service?


There are two options for you to choose from. You can choose the Starter Plan (first option) which is absolutely FREE and includes the following:

  • Search and review service provider profiles
  • Review background check and certified reviews
  • Book interviews and appointments, receive reminders via e-mail and text message
  • Pay online and add a tip!

Or choose the Busy Booker Plan (second option) and includes:

{$10.00/month or $90.00/year}

  • All features of the Starter Plan
  • No service fees per appointment
  • Access contact details of all service providers
  • Special member only discounts and offers


What services do they offer?


There are three main categories you can currently choose from. They include child care (babysitting, day care, parent’s assistant, special needs care), pet care (boarding, pet sitting, walking, day care, training, grooming, etc) and tutoring/lessons (ranging from foreign language to test prep to music lessons). I love the fact that you can find tutors through CareBooker. When my teenager entered High School we instantly found ourselves needing a tutor for her classes and didn’t have a clue where to look. Trying to find one doesn’t have to be stressful anymore. They are also looking to expand by adding housekeeping, personal fitness, and senior care.


What makes CareBooker different from other sites out there?


Other sites I have checked into don’t even let you get as far as seeing a care providers profile without adding all of your information and credit card. Thankfully, CareBooker has saved us the trouble and allows us to access this absolutely FREE. CareBooker has made booking easier than ever by phone, Skype, or by meeting at a location that works for the both of you. Seriously, with technology these days how much easier could paying for services really get. They take the guess work out and allow you to do everything right from the comfort of your own computer or smart phone. Lastly, the reviews are huge for me. I want to KNOW that the reviews are coming from actual families that used CareBooker services. The reviews from the site are “certified” which means that someone had to actually book and pay for services with that provider via — CareBooker in-order to add the review/rate the provider. 


 Things I absolutely loved about CareBooker:

  • FIND service providers you can trust, without paying an expensive monthly membership fee.
  • BOOK interviews and appointments that work around your schedule. No more phone tag.
  • PAY online (this is an absolute life-saver in itself)! You can even add a tip.
  • VIEW comprehensive profiles, background checks, testimonials, and certified (they had to actually book and pay for services with CareBooker) reviews.
  • SIMPLIFY manage care for you entire family all in one place.
  • RELAX, CareBooker is here for you 24/7.


Would I recommend CareBooker to my friends or family?!  ABSOLUTELY!




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