How Houseparty Saved my Momlife Sanity

Life changed in March. School stopped. Meetings stopped. Activities stopped. Seeing friends stopped.

In one giant swoop, my coordinated life as wife, mother, friend, and daughter got completely thrown off track and I was expected to pick up the pieces.

Groups, classrooms, and meetings were all starting to relocate online and this was a brand new world to me. Although I may be a mama to littles in this era of technology, you will find me slowly puttering along on the tail end of trends and “techie” life.

….and then I found Houseparty. 

What is Houseparty?

Houseparty is the face to face social network. Houseparty’s mission is to bring empathy to online communication. It was created to be the most human way to be together. Let me tell you mamas, it is SO MUCH fun. I was so bored and stressed out with other video sites’ meeting codes, links, computer screens, and trying to find an outlet for connection and Houseparty is the best fit!

Who and How?

On the Houseparty app, you can video chat, play games, and invite friends! It is extremely user-friendly, fast to set up, and fun to explore. Earlier I mentioned that I have a tendency to fail at super techie things… this was so easy to download and access on my tablet, iPhone and PC.

With so many different friend groups and family members, this app makes it SO fun to pop into rooms and say hello, spend some time, and exchange a whole lot of laughs.

Is Houseparty Safe?

This is a huge concern of mine.

  1. I am a mom.
  2. I frequently have my kids with me, chatting with friends about our family and routines.
  3. I want to use a reputable app that doesn’t put me at jeopardy.

Houseparty is secure. Your data is protected.

Community and Motherhood

We welcomed baby number five into our family in April. With all of my other children, we had hospital visitors, friends popping in and coming to our house ready to welcome our new baby. With COVID-19, we were not able to have any of that. Everything depends on virtual connection now, and with Houseparty it is a super fun, easy and dependable way to see our loved ones!

With Houseparty, we are all just a click away and can pop in just to say hi, play trivia during late night feeds, and really feel a sense of community with “our people.”


Have you tried Houseparty yet? Tell us what you love about it in the comments!



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