Introducing Allyson Dunn: A Livonia Mom

Introducing Allyson!

:: Down with Detroit ::

I grew up in Livonia…and currently live there! Most my family lives in the area still. Except for my siblings, who are in NYC and Australia.  When growing up, we loved spending days with my grandparents who would take us on adventures in downtown Detroit. One of our favorites was when grandma would take all the cousins to the “Peanut Butter Players” theater. I cannot tell you how much we loved going to the fancy theater, eating lunch and getting to meet the actors after! We probably saw twenty different variations of The Wizard of Oz. We loved visiting my grandma at work in the Ren Cen, walking around in awe at the tall buildings. We would explore Belle Isle, and drive around Indian Village.

When we were very young, my mom worked for Little Caesars. Red Wings ruled our house. Not to mentioned the undying support of the Detroit Lions. My favorite,  then was heading to Tiger Stadium to watch the Tigers play! Even now, catching the bus from Nemo’s to head over the Comerica is one of my favorite things to do. It is something my son and I do as much as we can. Exploring Greektown with friends, is a close second. (Who can say no the restaurants there?!)

Beyond spending time at Comerica, we love exploring The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village, another one of my favorite places! We have memberships there and at the Detroit Zoo. Both get used frequent year long use! During the warmer weather, you can find us in downtown Northville at Rebecca’s Restaurant, the Next Chapter Bookstore, farmers market or Mill Race Village. Like most in the area, we love everything downtown Plymouth as to offer, from the various 5K’s, festivals and Saturday farmers markets.   

:: My Life ::

I attended Madonna University for my undergrad and now for my master’s degrees, both in education. I am so close to finishing my Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership.  In the past, I taught middle school social studies. I am so passionate about social studies! I never thought I would teach middle school, but love it. Currently, I am lucky to teach kindergarten through eighth grade, as technology teacher in Detroit. Teaching multiple grade levels can be a challenge, but I love that I get to interact with all the students at the school.

One way I am a bit different than most the mama’s here is that I am a single mom. And . . . whoa the challenges that brings. It can be struggle to be the sole parent. I must depend on others, while trying my best to do it all myself.  It has taken a long time to understand my worth, build confidence and trust others again. 

:: Babies and Beyond ::

I was the first of my friends to have a baby. I am still the only mom in the group. Trying to balance my friend’s social priorities along with my mom priorities can be a difficult balance. They are dating and planning weddings, while I am shuffling schedules and lesson plans.  Thankfully for the most part they are understanding about the struggle! 

Outside of work and school I spend most of my time taking care of my son, Mason. He is a very active eight-year-old! He has a heart of pure gold and is smart beyond belief. Within the last year he was diagnosed with ADD. He does take medication for this, which was a great internal debate of mine. For right now, for him, it was the right choice. We are still working everyday to support him, helping him to be the best student and friend he can be.

He loves going up north, swimming, soccer, karate and baseball. We love to plan getaways to Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mackinaw Island, and Great Wolf Lodge. During the summer we spend most of our time hanging out by the pool!

One of my biggest priorities outside of “momming” is fitness. My son and I love our membership at Lifetime Fitness. He loves his swim classes and the child center. (He literally knows everyone there . . . my social butterfly!) I love the group fitness classes. From weight intervals to yoga, and my favorite kickboxing. In addition to group fitness, I run online accountability groups for programs such as Core De Force, Body Beast, and 21 Day Fix. I love being able to share what works for me with others. Helping others find their passion for fitness is a love of mine!

If any spare time is left after fitness and mommy duties, I love to fashion, podcast, current events and reading. I blog about all those things, and more over at:

Connect with me on Instagram and Twitter: @allysonp85 


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