Introducing Christina Wincek: A Birmingham Mom

Introducing Christina!

:: Down With Detroit ::

As a transplant to the Detroit suburbs, I fought the housewife life tooth and nail. I wasn’t ready to call it quits in the cool department when we arrived from Los Angeles 4 years ago, so I thank my lucky stars for the rebirth of Detroit. While I love the quaint and simple nature of Birmingham, there’s something about the grit of the big city that calls to me. Thankfully, the whole family likes to hustle harder, so they’re always up for an adventure.

We escape to downtown Detroit nearly every weekend, and on weekdays when we can’t take another morning of open gym. Saturdays are market days, and if we can keep the kids held over long enough with fresh cherries or peas, we hit up Batch Brewing Company for a game of Candyland and a brewski. If they need to stretch their legs after a long wagon ride, you can find us running amuck in the back of Mercury Bar, scarfing down tots and burgers. In the summer my kids are the ones trying to strip down to their birthday suits at the Riverwalk splash pad or dancing the day away at Reading & Rhythm on the Riverfront.

I’m not allowed to play because I cheat.

I secretly wish I could live downtown, but settle for a 20 minute zip down Woodward. The access to art, culture, music, food really is world class. Plus we get to expose our children to diversity, get out of our comfort zones and homogeneous communities. It’s a Motor City melting pot!

:: My Life ::

I’ve lived a bit of a gypsy existence since the moment my parents let me run away to college. I traded in my suburban New York bubble for jazz and food in New Orleans. After 4 years of business school, beads and bliss, I packed it up and made my way back to New York City for a job in the fashion world where I was exposed to some incredible women in business. I capitalized on my first job, my own apartment and my own money by plowing my way through NYC like everyone in their mid-20’s should, not a care in the world. Four years later I was tired. So I retired.

Why would I have two hands if I was only supposed to carry one drink?

Okay, so I didn’t ACTUALLY retire, but decided to move to California, which is like the same thing. I gave my two week notice and moved to Hermosa Beach to find a simpler life. Then 2008 happened and the rug was pulled out from under me as it was for so many young people. Fate intervened and I helped open a boutique in Santa Monica. I got to learn the ins and outs of small business during one of the toughest times in the American economy.

Time came to slow my roll and find me a man. Dating when you’re a busy bee can be near impossible, so I signed up for eHarmony. Keep in mind, this was back in the day when people still laughed at you if you decided to date online. It was on the world wide web that I met my husband, Chris. On our fourth date I told him I loved him and was going to marry him, and six weeks later we moved in together. He’s been stuck with me ever since.

Got one! Sucker.

It has always been his dream to work in the auto industry and he’s a pretty smart dude, so he got the job he’s always wanted and we moved to Michigan in 2013. I’m still finding my rhythm as a work-from-home mom, picking up design and marketing work as my schedule allows, but there are bigger things in store. I feel like a Goonie, “He’s got to do what’s right for him, because it’s his time, his time up there. But it’s my time, MY TIME down here.”  Stay tuned.

:: Babies and Beyond ::

I gave birth to my oldest daughter, Sloane, 2 months after moving to Michigan. 16 months later, we did it all over again and Drew came along. To answer your question, yes, it was on purpose.

Don’t let them fool you. #onceinalifetime

My kids are total opposites and best buds. It was my master plan to have them close together – once the little one could hang, I was off the hook as primary playmate. Sloane is skeptical, inquisitive, creative and focused. Drew is loud, hilarious, eager to please and never. stops. smiling. Each came out of the womb the same way they are today, and we hope they never change. I feel so lucky that I get to engage with these tiny humans every day.

In our 4 years here we’ve lived in 3 houses, had 2 kids, and gone on one vacation that wasn’t to visit family. I’m looking forward to us getting into more of a groove and settling in to Detroit. I mean, come on, a place that lays claim to a hot dog with chili on it?? Count me in.

Pretending unicorns and mermaids are real for just a teeeeeeny bit longer…
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Christina is a New York native who lives in Birmingham (by way of Los Angeles) with her husband and toddler girls who everyone mistakes for twins. There is also a golden retriever involved, but that makes it all sound too Stepford. A lover of all things food and craft beer, she can be found trolling restaurants and festivals throughout Metro Detroit with her kids and a whole lotta One Spot activities in tow. She is a barre addict, in it for the mind, body and soul strengthening, but mostly to counterbalance the aforementioned food and beer. When not momming, she enjoys overbuying kids clothes, ladies nights, travelling, and telling it like it is. She is struggling with the “no swearing” element of these posts, so for a little bit of sailor mouth and whole lotta adventure, follow her on Instagram: @drewbirdonesloane


  1. Witty as ever. We’ve yet to experience Reading & Rhythm so we will have to check that out. Fun article and even funner mom. Yes, I know that is not a word.


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