Introducing Bri Dunn…a St. Clair Shores Mom

Hi, I’m Bri! I’m honored to be a new contributor for Detroit Moms Blog and have the chance to be a part of such an amazing community of women.

As a full-time marketing project manager and part-time TV binger, I’m fueled by podcasts and at-home workout videos. I’m the wife of a railroad conductor and mom of a strong-willed redhead and two fur babies.

Following My Heart

My husband, Jake, and I knew each other for several years before we dated. We grew up in a small town in the thumb, sat next to each other in home ec. class (ironically), graduated high school together, and even ended up going to the same college. It wasn’t until our senior year at Ferris State that one of us finally made a move, and four years later we were married. In 2015 we had a quick ceremony in our hometown of Marysville, followed by a killer party with our friends and family. We honeymooned on Mackinaw Island where Jake had proposed a year earlier.

Jake’s job brought us closer to Detroit, which opened the door for more professional opportunities for me, as well. I held several positions after college. I worked for companies that didn’t value their employees, but I refused to settle for a mediocre career, so I kept looking. I’m very grateful to now work for an incredible company based in Plymouth that is doing BIG THINGS but still feels like a tight-knit family. Earlier this year I was given a Pursuit of Excellence award at our yearly kickoff meeting. Hearing your VP say so many kind words about you in front of your entire company is a feeling I will never forget.

Our Greatest Accomplishment

I wanted three kids. Jake wanted two. But we both knew we wanted them sooner rather than later. Telling our families we were having a baby is one of my favorite memories. Their reactions will forever be etched into my brain. I went into labor on Father’s Day, 10 days past my due date. We were beyond ready to meet our little girl. Jake took me to the hospital wearing his “My First Father’s Day” shirt that I had bought thinking she would, of course, be here by then. The nurses all laughed.

Rylee Grace was born on June 19, 2017. The birth of your child is such an indescribable and overwhelming feeling. Staring down at this mini human that was a spitting image of me was so bizarre but so, so cool.

Amicucci & Co. Photography

Now two years old, Rylee is almost an exact 50/50 blend of Jake and me. With her looks and with her personality. She is independent, knows what she wants, and goes for it. She doesn’t sit still very often, but when she does, she gives the best cuddles. Ry’s best friend is our 90 lb. dog and the stuffed elephant she’s been carrying around since she was six months old. She’s usually a mama’s girl until I tell her she can’t have something. Then, she’s off to her dad.

Navigating toddler mood swings and balancing our busy schedules has definitely been a challenge, but we’re learning new things every day. And as cliché as it sounds, we couldn’t do it without our families. They help us stay grounded when we’re losing our minds. Most of them still live in Marysville, which just means we get to make a lot of memories in the car singing songs and watching for airplanes.

Looking Forward

For the last five years, we’ve called St. Clair Shores our home, and we don’t plan on leaving any time soon. I have a love/hate relationship with our yellow 1920’s Dutch colonial. It’s a never-ending project. I love the look and feel of the original hardwood floors, but I do not understand why anyone would build a bathroom with such a funky layout! Even with its quirks, it is perfect for our little family.

We love the area and are making new friends all the time. I especially love that I can get almost anywhere in 20 minutes or less: downtown Detroit to go to a Lion’s game, Royal Oak to try the newest restaurant, several golf courses, and tons of shopping. Although, restaurants aren’t exactly our scene right now during this toddler stage, and I’m terrible at golf. It’s just the season we’re in. The good news is I have a partner who loves take-out as much as I do, and he is a great golfer and coach.

Planning family outings (or planning anything) can be difficult since my husband is on-call for work most days. We may not eat dinner together every night or go on regular family vacations, but we cherish the everyday joy in the simple things like going to the grocery store together or having a family wrestling match before bedtime, knowing that it may be a few days before we get to do those things together again.

I’m so excited to see what else life has in store for us, and I’m thrilled to be able to let you all in on our journey.


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