Introducing Healing Home Counseling Group

Detroit Mom partnered with the amazing people at Healing Home Counseling Group to bring you this post. All opinions are our own.

Here at Detroit Mom we believe that caring for your mental health is an incredibly important part of caring for yourself as a mom. Motherhood is an important and overwhelming job. Therapy can be an effective tool in navigating some of the struggles many of us experience.

Did you know that there is a specific type of therapy to help parents from the time they are conceiving a baby through about three years of age? It’s called perinatal therapy. Our partners at Healing Home Counseling Group specialize in this, plus other family and youth therapies as well. We are so excited to share more about their practice so you can get to know them better!

What services are offered through Healing Home Counseling Group?

Healing Home Counseling Group offers an empowering space to heal, regain strength, and restore peace in your home. We are a certified perinatal, family, and youth therapy group. All our clinicians are perinatal mental health (PMH) trained or certified. Some of our staff are also EMDR trained with an emphasis on BIPOC and perinatal trauma.

We have four full-time therapists and two interns. Our interns will be joining us full-time when they graduate in May.

Why is perinatal therapy so important?

When someone is in the perinatal stage, it is very important to seek out a specialist that is trained in perinatal mental health if they are experiencing symptoms of a perinatal mood disorder. During this time symptoms can present in a different manner. Parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, and fertility issues bring dramatic change into your life and significantly impact your emotional well-being. It may not just be the challenge of fertility treatments, or “morning sickness,” or “baby blues” that bring feelings of isolation or anxiety.

Even with healthy pregnancies that result in healthy babies, many women, men, and families struggle silently. They dismiss feelings of sadness, anger, or mental exhaustion. Fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum-related issues are very effectively addressed through therapy and can provide the emotional support you deserve. With proper therapeutic support, you can find validation and develop healthy coping mechanisms without fear of judgment.

How is perinatal therapy different from “traditional” therapy?

We define the perinatal period as from attempting to conceive your child through well into those beginning years of parenthood. Women experiencing a perinatal mood disorder have unique needs and risks that can be misunderstood by those without specialized training.

For example, feeling ambivalent about your baby or having intrusive thoughts or images related to your baby may be misinterpreted as thoughts of harming your baby. All of our therapists on staff have the necessary training to recognize and treat these unique symptoms for the best outcomes for our clients and their families.

What types of therapy practices can someone expect when coming in for an appointment?

Healing Home Counseling Group offers an array of different therapy modalities due to the unique backgrounds of our therapists. Some of these include CBT, EMDR, play-based therapy, and trauma informed care. Healing Home Counseling Group’s goal is to make you feel like you have a “home away from home” that is calm and nurturing. Our space is very comforting and is a nice escape from the sometimes-chaotic experience of parenthood.

To find out more about Healing Home Counseling Group, or to make an appointment, give their office a call at (248) 792-8093 or visit their website.


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