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Lauren M 6

{Down with Detroit}

Born and raised in the suburbs, I had very little exposure or experience with “The City”. I ended up going to college in Detroit (Wayne State University & University of Detroit Mercy) where I studied Architecture & Design. I fell in love with the sights and sounds. Whether it was new build construction of Detroit’s present, crumbling old buildings showing Detroit’s past or construction sites of the future, I loved exploring all that the city offered. I loved to explore and spent a few years in Las Vegas, Nevada and Newport Beach, California.  I was always proud to say I was from Detroit. Because Detroit was always my home. My roots. I feel grounded and wholesome here. I moved back a few years ago, fell in love with an amazing man, got married and started a family. Even though I am still in the suburbs, Metro Detroit has no comparison to the other cities I have lived in. We have the best schools, best bars, best food (Yum Greektown), best sports (Go Wings!), best music (always have been + always will be a Madonna fan) and the best part – my friends and family are here. I’m one of the few people who loves beautiful winter days when the sun is shining off the newly fallen snow, the smell of color leafs in the fall and the burst of green when spring makes its grand entrance. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss the smell of the salty ocean and palm trees swaying in the air. But they don’t have the Detroit spirit that we have here!

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{My Life}

I’ve always considered myself to be a workaholic, career driven, “moving up the ladder” type of woman. Then I got married and now I am the mother of two beautiful children. My 10-12 hour work days in the office are far forgotten. Working in Facility Management for one of the Big 3, I am surrounded by men…and tools…and putting out fires. These days, I’m juggling sharing daycare drop off/pick up duty with my husband, driving to work with nursery rhymes on the radio (sans no kids in the car), sitting in a meeting and realizing there are stickers on my clothes, and trying to get as much work done in an 8 hour work day so I can get home to my family. The days of traveling, exploring and new adventures have skewed slightly. Instead of hopping on a plane to check out San Francisco for the weekend, I am checking out the latest things to do around town with a toddler. I still depend 100% on coffee (I heart Starbys), love high heels, will not leave the house without makeup on and look forward to my “Me” days to get my nails and hair done. I have no problem having a complete conversation via text messages with multiple people at the same time (can we say multi-tasking!!). With two kids, a husband and a full-time job, I have a long bucket list of Pinterest crafts, scrapbooking, and recipes to attempt at. And the list keeps getting longer the more kids I have! In the meantime, I’m putting my design background to the test and have been working on updating our home. Room by room when the kids are sleeping and I can finally settle on a color scheme. Hopefully, some of my ideas and accomplishments will make it into the blog! And a few rooms are already going to get repainted – again! I can’t seem to settle on the right color for more than a few months!

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{Babies & Beyond}

Alexandra Marie – 23 months

Two years ago we were blessed with Alexandra Marie. From day one, she stole my heart. And she became a “Daddy’s Girl”. Watching my husband interact with her made me fall in love with him all over again and even more. Now as a toddler, she amazes me every day. The way she says things, the excitement when she can hear the train in the background as we are going to bed. How much she loves dogs, but won’t go within 10 feet of them. And the dancing! Alexandra also loves her mommy. When I am putting makeup on, she wants to put some on too! Then gets so excited when I tell her how pretty she is! But pretty and smart isn’t all she is! She’s also so tough! I never thought I would fight with a 2-year-old and lose, but she wins! Being strong at heart, mind and physical strength is just the characteristics she needs to grow up to be a smart independent strong woman.

Vincent Thomas – 5 weeks

When I found out I was having a boy, I burst into tears. For two reasons: 1) I had my “pair” of a boy and a girl and was officially done having kids and 2) I was petrified at the thought of having to change the diaper of a boy and getting peed on. But when he entered the world, I had no worries. Arriving exactly one month early on Easter Sunday, he is my angel. At 5 weeks, he already has the cutest personality. So relaxed, so chill (unlike his type A personality sister). The thick dark hair and most beautiful skin – I could just hold him for hours. I was so afraid that Alexandra would be resentful or jealous when we brought him home. Instead, she loves him so much. Wants to help feed him, change him and play with him. It melts my heart when I see her go up to him on her own and kiss his cheeks. Give me about 2 years and this paragraph will be completely different. Hopefully, he will learn to stand on his own and protect his sister!!


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