Introducing the DMB’s of Brandi…..

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{Down with Detroit}

Growing up in metro Detroit as a young child was always an adventure. It was around my second birthday that my parents “bought me a backyard”. We moved into a quaint cape cod on a dead end street in Royal Oak. Soon thereafter, my love for the area and all it had to offer began. On Saturday mornings you could find us at the Royal Oak farmers market or Eastern Market. We knew it was a special day if we brought home one of Kathy’s homemade New York style Cheesecakes. Saturday afternoons in Metro Detroit held many opportunities; bleacher creatures at Tigers Stadium, shopping Trappers Alley, Greektown (pre casino), Xochimilco’s in Mexician town for delish authentic Mexican food or a local fave of young and old the mini train rides at Starr Jaycee park. One of my fondest childhood memories of the city were going to pick up grandparents from Michigan Central train Station. Still to this day it is my favorite Detroit landmark. I hope one day it will be restored to it’s former glory!

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{My Life}
I was a born traveler, as my first Road trip was at 2 days old. I have lived in 5 states, and visited 41. I’ve also traveled to 8  countries which includes of of my favorite places on earth, Ireland.  Even though I was always on the move I always dreamt of growing up to be 2 things, a nurse and a mother, which I am proud to say I am on my way to both! I have also been blessed to have married my best friend, J, who has stuck by my side for 16 years and married me 9 years ago. He has been there to cheer me on through All my adventures from 2 marathons (one in Ireland & other in Disney world), to nursing school and 2 babies! Together we love attending Tigers games, watching college football, traveling over the great Big Mac bridge to enjoy the beautiful UP. But my all time favorite is cuddling up next to a bon fire on a crisp Michigan summer night, just like Kid Rock sings about!
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{Babies and beyond}

As I mentioned earlier I have 2 amazing kiddos. First is my spunky, bubbly, and Very busy 5 y/o daughter, Babycakes. ‘BC’ is very very unique! She is all girly and tomboy mixed with smarts, sass and strength far too advanced for her age. Second is my snugly sweet yet tough and tumble little man, Laddie. Laddie is 3y/o and knows every superhero; DC, marvel, & even who’s on the Justice League (which makes Daddy a very proud man)!

Right now it seems our popular family field trips include drive-in movies, zoos & farms, and trips up north. I am so blessed to have been able to stay home to raise and sculpt my 2 little munchies! It’s the best yet most challenging job in the world. Some days we don’t make it past cereal and PJs while others we manage to conquer the world. I know at 3 & 5 this ride has only begun and it’s been a wild one so far, but I can’t wait to see what’s in-store for my quirky little family!

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Brandi was born a traveler. Her first road trip was when she was only 2 days old. She has lived in 5 states (all before the age of 2) and has visited 41! She has also traveled to 8 countries and completed 2 marathons; a full in Ireland and half at Disney world. Now, as a stay at home mother and a future registered nurse, Brandi's travels are for her family and the occasional trip up north. She has been married to her best friend, J, for 9 years and they have been together for 16 years. Together they have 2 amazingly fun and goofy kids. Kaysi who's a very unique, bubbly, and busy 5 year old little lady and Kal who is a sweet yet tough and tumble little 3 year old boy. Aside from spending time with her family and chasing or being chased by the kids, Brandi enjoys crafting, DIY projects, cooking, working out, snuggling with a good book, or her hubby and a movie.


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