It’s Time to Rally: 5 Ways to Support Local Businesses Right Now

As we process the shock and sadness of yet another emergency order stemming from COVID-19, Detroit Mom recognizes how truly difficult this time is for everyone. We are entering the ninth month of this pandemic, and we are all feeling the weight of this seemingly never-ending saga. But, we believe if everyone follows the necessary orders and works together, we’ll make it through.

Right now, we are all wrapping our heads around another pause in our daily lives. Schools went from in-person to virtual learning, after school activities have been canceled, and companies are sending their employees back to “work from home” status. 

One of the most devastating impacts of the pandemic is the effect it has on local businesses. 

Currently, our favorite boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, salons, event venues, and so many more are suffering. This pandemic has forced many to close their doors, while others are holding on by a fine thread. Our small businesses are the heartbeat of our community, and they need us now more than ever. 

While we continue to live in uncertain times, we urge our community to rally together to support local businesses. These businesses are woven into the very fabric of our lives, and they invest in our welfare and future. Local businesses offer employment opportunities, resources for the under-served population, and most importantly they keep money within the community to help the local economy. It’s important we understand the value of a local business and the incredible impact it has on our own lives.

We’ve asked our local businesses how we can best support them as a community during a second wave of this pandemic. Here’s what they had to say…

Tangible Ways to Support Detroit Local Businesses:

  1. Be Kind. First and foremost, we’re all living this nightmare. Take a breath. Kindness goes so much further than anger. We cannot control the situation at hand, but we can control how we react to it. We’re all doing the best we possibly can right now. 
  2. Dine Local. Most local restaurants adapted the first time around. Many offer takeout options, prepared meals, catering and delivery services, and gift cards. Make it a point to order out one night a week, send a meal to a loved one, or give a gift card for a later date!
  3. Shop Local! Check out your favorite business’ online options. Many of them have local pickup or delivery. Some of them will even help you shop through FaceTime. Local shops enrich our community, and we think it’s important to continue to support them (even if it’s offered on Amazon for a couple dollars less). Let’s keep our money within our community.
  4. Show Social Media Love. A whole lot of it! This one should be the easiest and it’s an incredible way to show the love. We’re already spend a lot of time on our phones, so why not pop on over to the pages of some of your favorite local shops and like, comment, or share? It’s a simple gesture that means everything, and it lets a small business know they matter.
  5. Write a Review. Small businesses depend on reviews. Think about the last time you were looking for something and spent hours reading reviews. It only takes a few moments and makes a significant impact to write a Google or Facebook review for a business you love. 

Now it’s time for us to step up and lend a hand to our local businesses. And hey, what a great time to do so, with the holiday season quickly approaching, when we all want unique and special ideas for our loved ones!

We want to know who your favorite businesses are.
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