Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone


I like to think of myself as someone that adapts well to change. It’s rare that I discourage trying something new and I enjoy meeting new people. Relatively speaking, I’m a Type A personality that thrives off of happiness, stress and ice cream.


But it wasn’t until recently that I learned about the importance of trying things outside of my comfort zone.


I’ve been taking barre classes for more than 2 years now and have always admired the instructors that coach and motivate their clients in a way that looks so natural and almost effortless. Their passion for fitness and helping others reach their goals is inspiring. After much encouragement from family, friends and co-workers, I decided to audition to become one myself. What did I have to lose?


I grew up as a three-sport athlete in high school and have always been very competitive (Ahem, reigning fantasy football champion…) but leading a group of grown women in a choreographed cardio and/or strength training routine for 50 minutes is not something for which I have experience. I’ve never danced in my life and I really don’t have much rhythm. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it.


One day mom asked why I was so nervous and uptight about my upcoming audition. I terrifying and amazingsaid it was because doing something like this was so far outside of my comfort zone and the thought of me not being good at it terrified me. I don’t like doing things that I’m not good at… but who really does? After chatting a bit she told me that I had nothing to worry about and that everyone has to start somewhere (true!) and that just like other experiences in my life, I had to try my best have a good attitude and be willing to learn. She reminded me that it’s okay to try things outside of my comfort zone.


Here I am. A nearly 27-year-old wife and mother, afraid to essentially be myself in front of my friends because this avenue is outside my comfort zone. That is just ridiculous. Just like you’d see in a Disney sports-themed movie, I decided to be a big girl, learn a routine and go for it!


I auditioned and my performance was nowhere near perfect but I showed passion and promised dedication to learning and growing with every practice session and class that I would eventually teach. While I’m not perfect with every transition or move, I am amazed at how far I’ve come in just four short weeks. If you told me a year ago that I would be instructing 25+ women of varying ages and experience levels through HIIT workouts or full body strength training, I would tell you you were nuts. Not because I didn’t think I could physically do it, but because I wouldn’t allow myself to dive into something so far outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve learned that it’s never too late to try something you never thought you could and that it’s okay to be vulnerable. Without a struggle or challenge, we’re never able to appreciate the strength it took to get where we want to go.

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can be so fulfilling!

Is there something outside of your comfort zone you’ve been teetering with trying?

My opinion… DO IT! You’ll never regret trying.


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