Managing Schoolwork: Conquer the Never-Ending Abyss

Whoa! Another drawing, a worksheet, AND a painting? Didn’t that folder just have a pile of goodies in it last night as well? The amount of schoolwork that hits our homes during the school year is insane.

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by the avalanche of schoolwork that invades your home throughout the school year? You’re not alone! Let’s face it: waiting until the last few months of school (or even until school ends) to handle all that paperwork can be stressful. I know first-hand the struggle all too well, but fear not!

We can get ahead of this mountain of papers, as daunting as it seems. Start implementing a plan now, at the beginning of the school year, so that you can get started right away with controlling all of your child’s schoolwork. This way, it won’t have a chance to control you, your home, and most importantly–your sanity.

Here are some tried-and-tested tips and tricks that I use in my own home that will help you regain control over your child’s schoolwork . . . and keep your sanity intact!

Step #1: The Filing System

First and foremost when managing schoolwork, invest in a crate for each child and label it with their name. This crate will become a treasure trove of precious school memories that you want to keep. Organize files for each grade level, aiming to consolidate all the essential schoolwork from kindergarten through 12th grade into one crate.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment and nostalgia you’ll feel when you flip through those folders later on! You can put these together, reach out to a local professional organizer, or order from Etsy.

Step #2: Paper In, Paper Out

As soon as your little one brings schoolwork home, tackle it immediately. Sort the papers into three categories:

  • File: These are the gems you can’t bear to part with. Those adorable handwriting samples, heartfelt letters, or exceptionally creative pieces.
  • Give Away: This one’s a winner! Enlist the help of all of the loving family members and friends who adore your child. Have your child gift their work to these special individuals, either by mailing it or presenting it in-person. Grandma and others will be thrilled to receive these heartfelt gifts, and it’s a win-win because you get to declutter your home.
  • Trash/Recycling: Don’t be afraid to let go of the excess! Worksheets that have served their purpose and don’t hold sentimental value can go straight into the recycling bin.

Step #3: Year-End Review

When the school year comes to a close, revisit the filed materials. Some pieces that once held sentimental value may no longer have the same impact. It’s okay to let go and dispose of these items. For those that still tug at your heartstrings but you don’t want to keep physical copies of, take photographs instead!

Pro-tip: Create a sentimental keepsake!

Turn those cute worksheets and artwork into a delightful keepsake book for your child. Not only will it save you loads of storage space, but it will also make a thoughtful gift for your child in the future, filled with cherished memories from their school days.

Step #4: Release Guilt + Embrace Sanity

Lastly, give yourself permission to let go of the guilt associated with not preserving every single piece of schoolwork. The goal of managing schoolwork is to create a well-organized system that retains the most meaningful memories while making room for new experiences. Remember, as your child progresses through school, the paperwork can add up significantly. So, focus on the heartwarming moments, the delightful drawings, and the heartfelt letters that encapsulate the essence of their journey.

With these strategies in place, you’ve got this, momma! By managing schoolwork in an efficient and sentimental manner, you can revel in the memories, make others smile, and above all, maintain your precious sanity throughout the process. Here’s to a clutter-free, organized, and memorable school year ahead! You can do it, momma!

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