Jessica’s Mommy Makeover

Who doesn’t love a day devoted to them?! A day to feel amazing and beautiful! Last Saturday DMB took over Salon Legato in Birmingham and made one lucky lady feel like a princess. Jessica was nominated for our Mommy Makeover by her friend Amy who had nothing but inspiring words to say about her. She shared Jessica’s undeniable love for her daughters and the fact that she works 4 jobs just to give her girls what they need. That she is selfless and loves unconditionally.  That she needed a day to make her feel special! A HUGE shoutout to Salon Legato for making all of this possible! 


Facial, Hair and Makeup – Salon Legato Birmingham

Jessica’s day begin with a warm greeting from the Salon Legato staff.  Within minutes Jessica was whisked away for her facial which we hear was pretty relaxing. The staff are wonderful and their hospitality is genuine.  The location is cute and inviting. If you haven’t been there make it a point to stop in and see what they have to offer. 


Jenn (hair + makeup): A professional since 2012, Jenn has worked with Aveda her entire career. Also classically trained with Vidal Sassoon & Vivienne Mackinder, Jenn makes her education a priority, taking annual classes and believes that learning never ends. She takes pride in helping guests achieve fashion forward looks, and focuses on providing a relaxing experience. Jenn gets her inspiration from learning and traveling the world.

Rachel (facial): A Spa Ambassador with Aveda, Rachel has been licensed since 2013. She has been with Aveda her entire career, both receiving her education at and educating students in Aveda. Rachel has developed a deep passion for wellness and skincare. Her ultimate goal is to educate her guests in achieving comprehensive esthetic balance and provide the perfect environment to stimulate mental, spiritual & physical well being.

Lunch from Toast Birmingham

Oh my, if you haven’t been to Toast you have no idea what you’re missing. Jessica got the vegetarian burrito and absolutely loved it! Thanks for making her lunch special. 


Flowers from Blossoms 

The flowers were absolutely beautiful and smelled amazing! There is something to be said about fresh flowers on a day designed just for you! Jessica was greeted by these beauties when she sat down to eat lunch. 


Cupcakes from The Cupcake Station

These cupcakes are SO delicious! She’ll receive a cupcake a month for an entire year! If you haven’t had their cupcakes you won’t be disappointed. They may just be some of our favorites in the metro Detroit area.  


Outfit from Madison Boutique 

Nikki, the owner of Madison Boutique is a style genius. She knows what you’ll look flattering in and what color makes your eyes pop. She is honest and real in her suggestions. She chose the perfect outfit for Jessica. A color that looked absolutely fabulous on her and a look that made her feel a little daring and beautiful. Nikki encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone without making her feel uncomfortable. Thanks Nikki! 


Photos by kmbDetails 

We love Kate over here at DMB. First and foremost she’s a mom and totally gets it! She made Jessica feel stunning walking her around downtown Birmingham snapping  beautiful pictures of her. It’s not too often that we get pictures of ourselves, hair done and dressed up. Thanks Kate!

DMBMomsDay2016 34


Dinner at The Bird and The Bread

Jessica enjoyed dinner with her husband the night of her makeover. She was all dressed up so why not head out on the town and enjoy the European comfort food inspired concept The Bird & The Bread has to offer. A huge thanks to The Bird & The Bread helping Jessica end her night with a delicious dinner. 




A Night at The Townsend Hotel 

Ahhhhhh, luxury away from home! Nestled in downtown Birmingham this is the perfect night away. Jessica received a one night stay at this gorgeous hotel and we can’t wait to hear all about it! She’ll be saving this for her one year wedding anniversary in the fall. Stay tuned…

Townsend Banner



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