Mother’s Day Makeover {Winner + Words of Love}



Mother’s Day Makeover: Words of Love

When we asked for submissions for a deserving mom to win a Mommy Makeover, we were blown away by the loving words, poems and appreciation of your entries. Love and thanks poured out from husbands, children, friends and even moms themselves describing what motherhood means to them. We were reminded that this journey, while messy and exhausting, is the most rewarding and joyous thing we may ever do.

We believe all Moms deserve celebrating. Not just today but every day. We want to sincerely thank every mom for all that you do. It’s not an easy job raising humans. So today, for every mom who feels overworked and unappreciated, know that you are amazing for doing what you do. You are appreciated and you are loved.

Please enjoy all the submissions sent in appreciating all you do!

Mother’s Day Makeover Winner

We are so excited to announce that Jessica is the winner of our Mother’s Day Makeover. We can’t wait to show her a day she truly deserves. She’ll spend the day at Salon Legato getting a facial, hair and makeup done. She’ll have lunch delivered to her from Toast Birmingham and delicious cupcakes from The Cupcake Station. Dinner from The Bird and The Bread and spend the evening or an evening of her choice at The Townsend Hotel. Let’s not forget the beautiful flowers she’ll be receiving from Blossoms.

Are you ready Jessica?! Here’s what Amy had to say when she nominated you…

Jessica –

Jessica was my first friend; she is my cousin and the best mom I know. She came from a terrible unloving childhood but that has never let her affect how she loves her teenage daughter Olivia. She works harder than anyone I’ve ever met (sometimes four jobs) to make an incredible life for her and Olivia. A few years ago, she took in Olivia’s much younger half-sister Ameilia when her mother became ill, and has raised her and loved her as her own. She has never once treated Ameilia any different than her own daughter, and has never asked for anything from anyone in return. She always puts the girls first, and always puts her needs aside for them. — Amy W

A little more about Jessica – 

Jessica is a 37 year old mother living in Rochester Hills. She was a single mother for more than ten years. When the mother of her daughter’s half-sister fell ill, she took in her the young girl without hesitation. She works four jobs to give the girls everything they could possibly need and always puts the girls first. She hasn’t had a haircut or new pair of shoes in at least a year so that the girls can have everything they need.

Enjoy the following submissions and believe me when I say all of the women nominated deserve a day like this! 

Alana L –

As a mom of two and one on the way I love being a mom because my kids taught me about unconditional love.  I love being the person they go to when they have a boo-boo and being the only one who can make it feel better; knowing what they need to go to sleep at night when they are scared, and knowing the one spot that is always ticklish.  Being a mom can be hard work but feeling the love they give makes it all worth it.


Amy B –

My friend Amy has three great kids and has been through several unfortunate and challenging situations over the past few years but she always has a smile on her face and never lets her kids see her flustered. She is the type who always puts herself last and I know this prize would be so wonderful for her. She deserves all this and more! — Jessica M


Andrea M –

Andrea is truly an inspiration for all women.  She is a mother, wife, friend, fitness instructor, PTA president, volunteer and many more.  She always makes time for her family and friends, I swear this woman has a body double because she is so many places at one time.  She is most definitely a role model for all women and girls. — Jeff S


Anna L –

I love my mom for being beautifully resilient. Over the last 2 1/2 years she lost her youngest son, got divorced, changed jobs, sold our family home and moved. She has had to start over in almost every way. She deserves a beautiful beginning to face the new days ahead. — Melissa S


Ava L –

My name is John Allan and I’m a medically retired Marine Corps veteran. I’m submitting my fiancée, Ava Litton, for the win a makeover sweepstakes. I served honorably for nearly 6 years, two deployments and after just having our first child, I take back everything I’ve said about a mother being the “toughest job” on the planet. Ava is my caregiver because of many medical issues I suffer from including PTSD, very bad insomnia, short term memory loss and permanently damaged vertebrae from breaking my back. Ava has stuck by my side through the darkest of moments I have had, before getting out and after adjusting to civilian life. She has had to quit jobs due to having to drive me to so many VA appointments and keeping my medication in order, all while dealing with a newborn. Our son was born with a cleft lip and for the past 4 months it has been nothing but an uphill battle for her taking care of two peoples’ needs. Constantly swapping out and cleaning his nasal splints. She sleeps less than I do, works harder than any woman I know and is the type of person to help others before helping herself. I would love to have her be able to just take a day off and not have to worry about everything, just a stress free and relaxing spa day. — John A


Ava L –

Ava is an amazing young women, daughter and new mommy to her son Colton. She is always helping others and is her fiancé’s care giver as he is retired from the Marines. Ava has been a mother figure to a sweet little girl in our lives for five years. — Jacque L


Ava L  –

My name is Ava and I am also entering myself for the Mamas day makeover. I have a four month old son named Colton who just had cleft lip surgery. I am also the caregiver to my fiancé who is a retired marine veteran. My entire pregnancy, maternity leave and up until Colton was 4 months I worked over 40 hours every week with a baby on my hip. I feel like I am long overdue for some of my own time and most days struggle to find five minutes to take a shower!


Ava L –

Not only has Ava been an amazing friend to me but she is an extraordinary mother and caregiver! Ava is mommy to Colton who recently underwent surgery to correct his cleft lip. I am lucky to know such a genuine and caring person. — With Love, Kristie P


Bonnie D –

Loving your mother changes when you have kids of your own. Suddenly, all the sacrifices of unconditional love are appreciated on a deeper level. Being a mother after losing your mother is heartbreaking. I wish I could thank her, call her and cry when I’m exhausted; but I can’t. My daughters name was her last word. I am honored to live her legacy as a mother and hope I will do it justice. My son, who she never met, looks like her. I think he was a gift from her; because mothers never stop giving. I will never stop giving to my kids and hope I live to see them share the unconditional love that only a parent can with their little ones. 


Ester B –

I’m so thankful that I get to be a mom; I’m not sure how I was ever entrusted with these two miracles.  I never feel like enough and I’m always stretched too thin.  Then I see these two little faces smiling ear to ear, always happy, laughing, singing, and dancing. I must be doing something right.


Holliday D –

I love my wife and she loves me too.  My three kids adore her and she them.  We have all of us been in love since the moment we met. When we conceived and lost our first child we were devastated. Since then we have a second beautiful child and that makes six of us happily in love. She has worked hard through pregnancies, our loss, our love, staying together as a family and amazingly all of this while earning her Master’s degree. When she left for Estonia for two weeks as part of a residency I wrote this poem. I still feel this way whenever I think of her and her love for me, but even more now because of her sacrifices, her grace and her determination in honoring our lives together as lovers, partners and family.

let me never miss another moment
where you sleep and I’m not there
to watch over you, to brush your hair,
to sooth your thoughts and ease your journey
into that night where quiet waits
let me never miss another moment
where your hand in mine carries us away
to sleep, to dream the dreams we share
to wake anew refreshed as lovers
as friends, as partners in this Great dance
go now, away into that night but just this
let me never miss another moment — Brent D


Jacque L –

I am nominating my mom Jacque for the day of pampering. She has always been my biggest supporter. She has my back no matter what and is always in my corner! We are very close and I love her! — Ava L


Jean C –

She didn’t give birth to me, and she was never married to or involved with my Dad – but from a young age, and especially during my teen and young adult years she happily took on the role of mothering me when my “real” mom had better things to do.  She’s my mom because we chose each other, and she’s Grandma to my kids who love her fiercely.  With zero obligation to do so, she has given of herself to me and my family… advice, shopping trips, vacations, a shoulder to cry on, a running partner to complete my first 5k within 15 years, live music adventures, and more than anything – stability that I would not have otherwise had!  I can’t say enough about my mom <3 — Erica B


Jodi F –

Jodi is an awesome friend, and mom of four great kids. An example that perfectly captures Jodi’s character came just a few months after meeting her. I had a childcare emergency shortly after starting a new job, and Jodi quickly volunteered to take care of my kids for me so I didn’t have to miss work. This is just one quick example of the way that Jodi selflessly devotes herself to helping kids and families.

She is a preschool teacher in Northville, and also runs an amazing kids program at our church. She has served on local kids’ charity boards, and teaches the kids at our church to be kind and loving, and to help others. Right now, she’s encouraging the kids at church to raise money to help provide maternal care to moms in Afghanistan. Her home, volunteer, and professional life are dedicated to helping kids and families, and she’s impacted the lives of so many families, without ever expecting anything in return. For these reason, and many more, I’m thankful to have her in my family’s life, and would be so thrilled if she were chosen for the mom makeover. — Erin P


Joey G –

Thank you for the opportunity to share why I love being a mom. There is so much to love about being a mom.  One of the best moments is coming home from a long, stressful day at work to see two beautiful little faces that are so excited to see me.  Their smiles mean everything!  The stress falls away as I hear about my oldest daughter’s day at school and my youngest daughter’s success at learning to do a cartwheel.  My kids wonder and excitement for each day making being a mom so very special.


Julie B –

I am a blessed mom with the very best support system.  I have an amazing best friend, a fantastic therapist, a fun shopping partner, a wonderful babysitter, and my kids have an award-winning grandmother.  Lucky for me, this entire support system comes in one incredible package: my mother!  Mom, I couldn’t be the mother I am today without your love and guidance.  I love you! — Lauren C


Julie W –

My friend, Julie W., is most deserving of the Mother’s Day makeover. She is a wonderful mother of FIVE BOYS! (A singleton and two sets of twins) She is a wonderful mother who balances it all with a smile on her face and would really enjoy a much needed break. — Jessica K


Karan T –

My mum is the most important person in my life.
She is always there when I need the most.
She is always thinking of the people that needed help and is kind to them.
Her love is patient and kind.
Never envious or jealous.
I love you, Mommy! — KSH


Kate B –

Why I love being a Mom. It’s a gift, a challenge, an adventure and most of all soul fulfilling. While yea, there are tears, those tears make the joy sparkle. I love the moment when my kids greet me with a hug each morning. Or ask me how my day went. Or celebrate a moment that was pretty epic in our lives with a simple lance or a fist bump.  I know we have connected, I know we ARE connected, and I pray we will stay connected. Being a mom connects me, not only to my kids directly, but indirectly and in an unimaginable way to the world all around – through them, I am a better person. With them, I am a mom. And I am grateful.


Kelly L –

Kelly is the mother of my youngest daughter (10 months almost) and step mom of my 5 year old. Kelly is an amazing mother, but what really makes her special is all she does for her step daughter, Lailah. If you point to Kelly and ask Lailah who she is she will tell you, “that’s My Kelly!” She has brought structure into our lives and has helped give Lailah the tools she needs to succeed. She’s a hard worker who never takes time for herself between coordinating schedules, taking care of our home and making sure our family has more than what we need. I’d like to see her take some time for herself and really be papered for her first official Mother’s Day. — Mike S


Kellie P –

Kellie is a special kind of strong. Through multiple blood disorders and years of fertility struggles, Kellie stands tall. Her strength is contagious, she is a pillar, She keeps those around her, especially me, together and in one piece. She finally gets to be a mom in 6 weeks and she’s going to be amazing at it. — Jon P


Kristie P –

I am entering Kristie Parks for the Mom makeover! She is a brand new mommy of a one month old baby boy. We recently become friends and she is such a sweet heart. She totally deserves a day for herself after the rough delivery she had! — Ava L


Laura D –

My Mum has loved me when I wasn’t capable of loving myself. The only reason why I am even able to make that statement is because of her strength in giving me unconditional love, whether it was the best version of me or the worst. She is fierce in her love and loyalty, and she is the biggest blessing I have ever been given. I would love for my Mum to be able to enjoy the Mother’s Day Makeover so she can feel as beautiful as we all know she is. She deserves far more than I am able to give. — Bridget D


Maria C –

The only thing we can’t get more of in life is time, and giving your time to others defines love. Maria Cairo lives her life via this mantra.  She exudes selflessness in so many ways. A common theme among moms today is “What are other people doing for me?” Complaints like, “I don’t have me time”, or “my in laws don’t help me” or “I didn’t get recognized at work”…the list goes on. Maria doesn’t fall into this tempting “me” category. In January, she celebrated her sweet little girls’ birthday by taking a birthday cake to a local senior home and visiting the men and women there. She shows us that it’s not about her, not about her daughter, but it’s about what the two of them can do to brighten someone else’s day. — Christina K


Meaghan B –

I love my mom because she is so caring and giving. She plays with me and takes me lots of places even though she is pregnant with my two brothers. My mom is the best mom in the whole world! — Maxwell


Rebecca C –

I love being a mom because every day I have best friends to play with & every day I wake up to smiling faces. My boys are 4 and 3 years old & they teach me the meaning of love every day. Life can be a challenge but my life is better because they are in it & I wouldn’t change a thing. For me…. every day is Mother’s Day.


My mother and I have shared a close bond since I’ve been born and she’s been the one I have looked up to since day one. Not only has she been my mom but she has also filled in as the role of a father, a role that has been missing in my life since I was a baby. My mother is a strong and beautiful woman who has done it all by herself, not that there aren’t other moms that do it themselves but what makes my mom special is her character and how she carries herself and just how her love for me, and my sisters and not only us but everyone is so warm and welcoming. My mom has always been to every school class party, sporting event, awards ceremony and still works and provides everything for me and still continues to go above and beyond for me and I couldn’t be more blessed and thankful for her. I love her so much. — Ashleigh S


Since my wife tagged me on your Facebook post I’ve been racking my brain for the right words to describe her in a few sentences. Loving, creative, understanding, brilliant, comforting and all are accurate but I came across a single word that seems to include them all….. Elysian: beautiful or creative, divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect. — Chris R





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