Where Did My Babies Go?!



My babies are growing up! 

I swear it was not so long ago that I met the man I now call Husband, but in reality, it’s been almost 15 years.  And wasn’t it just yesterday that we became parents to a beautiful little girl?  How is it that today we have a nearly seven year old daughter AND a 3 year old boy?

Though the days and nights seemed everlasting when they were babies, and we eagerly awaited every new milestone, somehow those moments have come and gone in a flash.  From flesh lump, to tiny Earthling, to preschooler, and now big kid they have morphed, and we still have many years of witnessing their growth and personal evolution yet ahead.  I’m sure that while those things seem out there in the distant future, I’ll be having this same revelation again, several times.

I think the growth of my kids is a little more prominent now that my husband and I have confirmed that the baby factory is closed.  We try to take in and appreciate all of the little moments that we can, but the truth is that this life keeps rolling on.  We do miss things, but that’s part of it too – it’s not all about us. 

While a part of me wants to keep them small and innocent forever, I’m also excited to see where life will take them.  To know what kind of choices they will make and what kind of people they will be.  I’m honored to bear witness and to help guide them.  I also appreciate breaks now and then too – thank you grandparents!

So today I will celebrate the smart, kind, and funny girl I call daughter.  She taught me what love is.  The one who is crazy about horses, drawing, reading, and Tae Kwon Do.  She’s 6 going on 16, and even when she’s sassy, I have to laugh because the girl is persistent about making her wants reality.


I also celebrate the affectionate, silly, and enthusiastic little boy I call son.  He is uninhibited, mercurial, and taught me humility, all while exploring the world without hesitation and being completely obsessed with Paw Patrol.


Though I miss the days of sweet, fresh baby smell and smiles, I look forward to new adventures with these little people too!

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