National Human Trafficking Prevention Month: Local Resources

Is human trafficking taking place in the zip code you currently live in? If you answered “I don’t think it is . . . ,” are you surprised to learn you’re incorrect? According to Hope Against Trafficking, every zip code in Michigan has reported instances of human trafficking. Every. Zip code.

Does that statistic shock you? The number of reported cases is only increasing. Human trafficking can include sex trafficking and labor trafficking. As a community, we absolutely must be aware, vigilant, and working towards changing this.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. We wanted to bring awareness to the topic, and also offer local resources that are available in our communities. Whether you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, or you simply want to know where you can volunteer and support locally, we hope this list is helpful for you. And, if you know of any local resources we should add, be sure to let us know.

*The National Human Trafficking Hotline phone number is (888) 373-7888. It is available 24/7 in a wide variety of languages. If you or someone you know is in need of support, call the hotline or visit the National Human Trafficking Hotline’s website.

Local Resources for Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Avalon Healing Center | Detroit | (313) 964-9701

Located in Detroit, Avalon Healing Center is a nonprofit organization that provides trauma-informed care for those who are looking for support. The services they provide are confidential and free. Some of the areas in which they focus their support on include social justice, crisis intervention, acute and non-acute assault, and human trafficking, among others.

Their website contains a wealth of information and resources on a variety of subjects. If you’re interested in becoming involved, you can fill out an application to become a volunteer with their organization.

*If you need support: there is a phone number link at the bottom of their website. Their crisis number, available 24/7, is (313) 474-SAFE.

Hope Against Trafficking | Pontiac | (248) 499-8416

This organization works with survivors of human trafficking using a trauma-informed, victim-centered approach. Those they work with develop their own individual plan for how to move forward, and they also help them identify and create goals to work towards. Their residential program provides housing, rent-free, for two years. They also have community education resources.

There are numerous ways to become involved with the work that Hope Against Trafficking is doing. You can apply to be a volunteer or fundraise, just to name a couple of ideas.

*If you need support: fill out this contact form on their website.

Michigan Abolitionist Project | Utica

The Michigan Abolitionist Project is working to educate on human trafficking, engage the community in activities centered on the root causes, and eradicate human trafficking both locally and non-locally. They have local community groups but also work closely with local task forces and coalitions. And, they’re working really hard to bring awareness to this complex issue.

Their website also contains a lot of information about all the ways you can be involved–and all the facts on human trafficking. It’s extremely eye-opening. If you’re interested in becoming involved, you can check if there is an active community group in your area, or attend a virtual Volunteer Interest Meet-Up.

Pearls of Great Price Coalition | Plymouth

Pearls of Great Price is working to prevent human trafficking in all forms. They represent various churches in the area and host monthly meetings. Pears of Great Price works closely with area organizations as well, such as Sparrow Freedom Project and Sanctum House. If you’re interested in being involved with their work, you can volunteer with them, join their mailing list, or make a donation online.

Sanctum House | Novi | (248) 574-9373

Sanctum House is a safe home for women survivors of human trafficking ages 18 and older. It’s voluntary and a 24-month program. They offer trauma-informed support, mental and physical healthcare, therapy, job training, community action, and more.

There are many ways to become more involved with the important work that Sanctum House is doing. Their website lists volunteer opportunities, donation lists, and more.

*If you need support: fill out this contact form on their website.

Sparrow Freedom Project | New Hudson

Sparrow Freedom Project is building a community that is led by survivors of human trafficking. Together with allies, businesses, organizations, and neighbors, they hope to change what’s happening in our communities. Their support services include access to items like groceries, clothing, emergency shelter, transportation, and home furnishings, to name a few. Financial assistance can be applied for as well.

If you want to help Sparrow, you can do things like become an ally, fundraise, or volunteer. There are even more ideas for ways to support their work on their website.

*If you need support: fill out this contact form on their website.

The Joseph Project | Grosse Pointe Woods | (855) GEN-5020

Working with attorneys, The Joseph Project connects human trafficking survivors with the pro bono legal services they need. They hope to empower survivors and help them take control of their future.

For volunteer opportunities, you can fill out their volunteer contact form.

*If you need support: fill out this contact form on their website.

County-Level Resources

You can also search online for the website for the county you live in, and it should bring up local resources to assist and support you. We’ve linked a few of the major counties below.

Every. Zip code. Every zip code in Michigan has reported cases of human trafficking. We must come together as a community to help those who are impacted by this.

If you’re looking for more ways to support local organizations, check out our Local Giving Guide.


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