National Sisters Day, As An Only Child

National Sisters Day is being celebrated soon! I may have grown up as an only child, but I am still celebrating this day and all that it stands for. Although I do not have any biological sibling relationships, I have never felt like I was lacking the love and support that sisterhood can provide.

The dictionary recognizes that a sister can be in the traditional family sense, but also as a close female friend. It is the latter that I have been blessed with in this life: my chosen sisterhood. 


When I think about sisterhood, it is not about the childhood fights over toys, clothes, or even the sibling rivalries that some may think of. I was blessed with three step-sisters and one sister-in-law later in life. However, I didn’t have those types of early childhood sister experiences. From my perspective, the idea of sisterhood is all about the strong bonds that can be created when you have someone by your side throughout life’s ups and downs.

It’s a relationship with someone who will support you as you create, start over, learn, and struggle. Someone you can laugh, cry, celebrate, and grieve with. Someone you know will always be there for you regardless of time, distance, or even different beliefs.

It’s these types of sisterhood bonds that I have leaned into throughout many milestones in my life, but they have never been more needed and appreciated than they are right now, as I raise a child. 

The Impact

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and they are right! I feel very blessed that not only do my husband and I have family support while raising our daughter, but we also have chosen family by our side. We only have a handful of friends and family who live close by though. So, most of my village support is in the form of communication with that chosen family.

I’m so thankful to have people in my life who listen when I need to talk, offer support or advice when needed, help my growth, and provide a safe space for me to be myself without fear of judgment. I am also just as appreciative and grateful to return the favor and be a support system for them and their lives as well.

My Sisters

I’ve collected these chosen sisters throughout my entire life–from birth (I consider the bonds I have with my mother and some family members to be ones of sisterhood) all the way through to the present, at age 37. Some friendships turned into sisterhood all the way back in middle school, while others have been very recent.

The older I get, the easier it has become for me to recognize those deep soul connections when they happen, and hang on to them. It truly isn’t about how much time you’ve known someone. Instead, it’s about how at home within yourself you can feel when you’re with that person.

Celebrate + Connect

The support we get from someone who feels like family can be so beneficial for many aspects of our lives. It is definitely something to celebrate. Reach out to those sisters of yours today, and let them know how much they mean to you!

My wish for you all is that you have a sister bond in your life. Remember that sisterhood is available to you no matter your age as long as you’re open to it. Trust your intuition, be vulnerable, and connect with those around you to find the right fit.

If you’re still searching for sisterhood in your life, I encourage you to check out our Detroit Mom community groups!


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