Oh, These Transitions!

2015 historical day (121 of 126)Kids get older. It’s just a phase. Time flies by. Enjoy this moment. They’ll be in full-time school before you know it. Take. It. All. In. blah blah blah. Right?! Raise of hands (by liking this post), who has heard all this (and more) since having kids?
I figured I had at least 18 years before this feeling of “what is my purpose” set in. Who knows, I am sure I’ll have another 1000 transitions between now and sending them off to college and beyond. I say “beyond”, because, a mothers work is never done, as my dear mom has delicately reminded me, often, whether she knows it or not. (thanks mom, keep doing what you do!)  
My kids are 5 and 8 – still little, still innocent, still small – but SO big. Their needs over the last 8 years (speaking with the oldest in mind and the younger coasting on his tail winds) have progressed at times so fast (when did you learn to <insert item>??), and other times TAKING FOREVER.  (Would you PLEASE pick up the <insert item> or figure out how to buckle your own carseat).
From thnjb instructionse first moments of mommy life of ‘oh my gosh, no instructions?!’ to a recent winter morning as I thanked my 8 year old for shoveling the driveway (again) and really doing a solid job at it, I find myself in this strange place of peace and unease.
I’m at peace because I know he’ll be strong enough to take on what mother nature throws at him. He’ll handle the task with grace and courtesy (most of the time). He’ll be aware of the situation and take it on. (hello, I didn’t notice the ice and he had already salted it…thanks, buddy).  I am at unease because he is EIGHT and eagerly outside working after scarfing a quick breakfast, packing his school things, getting dressed, making his bed, (etc.) to make sure we had a clear path to leave for school. All before 7:30 am. He’s 8; I still want my jammies and a coffee. And I classify myself as a morning person, just my own morning time, not a shared time.
My 8 no longer needs me to prepare his lunch (I totally peek still) or have clothing options for him or help him get his winter gear on. (FYI: this is true for my 5 year old too, but he is healing from a broken leg and his needs are different in my mind as I compose this post).
These Transitional Times happen constantly, some we are aware of (yay, go you) and some happen without even noticing.  I encourage you mom, ask yourself, are things in transition in your home? Are you kids ready for more responsibility? Are YOU ready for taking care of YOU a little more/better?
Even the little littles, the ones hitting major milestones, like SITTING; parents and kids are traveling a similar path, parallel at times, sometimes with hills sometimes smooth – while we are aware of our kids transitions, it’s important to recognize our own too.
In your next transition, what you do is your choice. Perhaps it’s finding more time with your partner, or a few extra moments for you, whatever it may be, embrace the change, savor the moment, take it all in…because these kids will keep growing, keep blowing our minds, and becoming more and more independent. High five momma, this transition is normal and ok!
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Kate Bell
Hi I’m Kate Bell! I am a mom to two amazing boys; they are my joy, my inspiration and what gets me going each day, whether I am ready or not! Coffee is my friend. I’m a Montessori mom, a mom to a little boy with a unique feeding disorder (www.bellyedison.com), a mom to a super creative and fast paced young man and a wife to a constantly traveling husband. I love to create. I love photography. and people. and kids. and being outside. and running. and details. I love a lot of things in the world around and if I can capture even a little bit of these things to create a visible memory, I think it’s a pretty good day.


  1. Yes, yes! So many transitions. I just finished feeding my baby her second taste of solids. I am just like “wait? Wasn’t she just born?!” And my toddler? She can now dress herself, and do so much more (or at least thinks she can, “no, I do it!” is constantly being said).


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