Preparing Your Home For The Holidays

Preparing your home for the holidays is a big part of getting ready for celebrating with family this season. The anticipation for the holiday season is so wonderful, particularly when you have young kids… but it can also be stressful! There is so much to do: finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list, sending out cute family cards, preparing special treats, and getting your home holiday-ready. The key to getting it all done is organization and preparation. Having your home ready for the holidays leaves you free to enjoy the season in your cozy home with your family and friends!

Start with Editing

I recommend you start to prepare your home for the holidays by editing and decluttering the items in your home. This will avoid a cluttered space and an overwhelmed you!

Make sure to get your kids involved in this process. This maybe even a good time to consider how to cut the clutter. We always ask our kids to go through their room to select items they don’t play with and are not interested in anymore. This may garner mixed results; decluttering is a trained skill that we need to teach our kids and teens.

Encourage them to make room for the toys they are anticipating receiving. Talk with them about who will be able to benefit from their old books, toys, and clothes. Sometimes they will be excited to pass their smaller clothes onto their little cousins, drop their old books into a shared library, or donate their toys to a shelter. This is important for them to understand the concepts of intentionally keeping what is needed and passing on what others can benefit from.

As you go through your own spaces, you are also modeling for your kids the process and thoughtfulness of keeping only what is useful and special to you in your home. After the decluttering process, you can start with basic organizing. If this is a struggle, you can enlist the help of a professional organizer or friend! Getting rid of clutter can be so satisfying, you gain back valuable space and it can give the illusion of a space being clean!

Get It Clean

The next step after decluttering is cleaning. It would be nice to clean the house from top to bottom or splash out on a cleaning service for a deep clean. If those aren’t options for you, just focus on areas guests will see like the front porch, entryway, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and guest rooms.


You can look through Pinterest or grab a great magazine for decor inspiration. Leaf through the pages and find a picture you really like. Look at the elements of the decor, the colors, what is included, what is left out. Then think about how you can implement those design and decor elements in your home.

Decorating is such a big part of getting your home prepared for the holidays. Spending family time decorating is one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit. Your kids can enjoy setting out decorations and it is a great time to tell them the stories that bring meaning to the holidays.

When it comes to decorating I recommend that you keep it simple, classic, and fun. Choose a simple but festive color palette – you could stick with the traditional red and green or blue and white. You could do something a little more modern like pink and white, but be sure to stay with the colors you select for a consistent and cohesive look!

The goal in decorating your home is to make it cozy and inviting. There’s nothing cozier than the glow of dim lights; use your fireplace, burn candles, and have warm lighting. Textures add to the coziness of your home, so bring out the cozy throw blankets, velvet pillows, chunky knits, and patterns like plaid.

Consider Scents to Set the Mood

The sense of smell is strongly connected to memories. Do you have special scents that are nostalgic for you? Festive scents are an important part in getting your home ready for the holidays.

I love using candles in homes to create a wonderful and cozy atmosphere. Candles are a classic to create ambiance and make any room feel cozier. I love using locally made candles from Detroit suppliers. If you can, get ones with wood wicks, as they create those flickering looks and crackling sounds!

You can also fill your home with the delicious smell of Christmas baking. Even a pot of fragrant fruits and spices can fill your home with a festive scent! Add a mix of apples, cinnamon sticks, orange peel, or cloves to a pot of water and set it to simmer on your stove.

Stock Up

First, stock the kitchen! Grab a variety of food and beverages from your pantry and refrigerator to have on hand for guests. Pick up a variety of items to suit different dietary requirements. Don’t forget to grab all the ingredients for any cookies or treats you plan to do with the kids.

Then review the rest of the house and stock the essentials you may need, particularly if you plan on having overnight guests over the holiday season. Extra paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and toothpaste are must-haves.

Preparing your home for the holidays doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Get a head start, declutter and organize, clean early, prepare for guests, and set the mood throughout your home. Spend a little time getting your home ready for the holidays so you can relax and enjoy the cozy season with your family!

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