Six Ways to Support Single Moms This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is in just a few short days and during the pandemic, it will look vastly different for all of us mothers, single moms and married moms alike. Typically, we would visit with our moms and all of our siblings. Maybe it involves church, brunch, and going to local nurseries buying flowers and plants. Not this year. But that is ok. It is still a day for us moms. A day designated for us to be spoiled by our children, and for our husbands to take on our roles to give us a ‘break.’

For single moms, this day is just like any other day though. We do not have a significant other to help us out and that fact will weigh on us more heavily than on an average day. Our own moms cannot come over and help our kids make our gifts, prepare breakfast, or even watch them for a few hours while we rest. Nope. That cannot be done six feet apart. We are on our own. But are we?

A married friend of mine asked me how she could support me during this time of lockdown and social distancing, which gave me an idea. I wanted to provide her and others with fun and thoughtful ways they can help their friends who are single moms on Mother’s Day.

Six ways to bring a smile to single moms on Mother’s Day:

1. Send her a card. This is simple, affordable, and effective. Everyone loves receiving handwritten cards in the mail because it reminds us that someone who cares about us is thinking about us.

2. Drop off a bottle of wine, a few cans of LaCroix, or a coffee with some flowers and a note. This is a sure-fire way to bring a smile to her face.

3. Show up on her lawn or sidewalk with a sign and a smile. Just seeing your face will remind her that she is not alone.

4. Put together a box of snacks, beverages, pamper items, candles, a book, or other items she loves. Top it off with a pretty bow and it is all set. You may be able to find these items unused around your house or you may have to don a face mask and place a curbside pick-up. She is worth it!

5. Call her. Be old fashioned, pick up the phone and chat with her after the kids are in bed. Hearing your voice will make the difficult day a little better.

6. Order a meal to be delivered from her favorite restaurant. This needs no explanation!

Please take the time to support single moms this weekend, too. It means so much. For ideas where to order food from, check out Mother’s Day Brunch: Top Options From Restaurants In + Around Detroit.


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