Three Reasons Why Vision Board Parties Don’t Work

Do you ever wonder why vision board parties pump you up, but leave you feeling deflated by February?

I’m sharing the three reasons why vision board parties don’t work, and what you can do instead of creating another board full of pretty pictures.

Reason #1: Clarity

Make sure you are clear about what’s going on in your life, how you want it to feel, and what you really, really want to help you to achieve that life and that feeling.

Reason #2: Alignment

When you create goals and things that are not in alignment with where you are and how you want to feel, you end up dropping them off. Then at the end of the year, you begin to try to reach a goal just because it was a goal on your goal sheet and not necessarily because you’re connected to it anymore.

Reason #3: No follow-up and no accountability

Many of these events don’t have a follow-up portion. You leave these things often more stressed out than when you walked in because once the excitement of creating the vision board has passed, now you have to really begin to think on your own how to break it down. It gets overwhelming.

If you want to go into 2022 clear and ready to slay, drop everything, put in your earbuds, and grab a pen. I’m going to give the real deal on why these events don’t work for busy moms like us.

Make sure to share your fave takeaway from this video! What you share just might help you and another mamma be great. If you need more ideas on goal setting, check out this article!

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