Updated: Follow These Instagram Accounts to Educate Yourself on Antiracism, Inclusion, and Social Justice

It’s been a couple weeks since we published this post and we wanted to provide you with an update. We are listening and learning and have added a few more accounts here. We implore you to take the time to listen as well. Choose one or two of these accounts to follow. Find someone who makes you incredibly uncomfortable and listen. Those are the people you’ll learn the most from. Be intentional with who you choose and go into it with a purpose.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death and increasing nationwide protests in response to police brutality and racism, many people in our very own Detroit Mom community are hurting deeply. Others wonder what they can do to help support racial justice, while some are looking for additional educational opportunities for their children or themselves. 

We’ve collected some of the top Instagram accounts to follow addressing antiracism, inclusion, and social justice. Several of us here at Detroit Mom follow these accounts and have been impacted by them in one way or another. This is an opportunity to learn from leaders in the Black community who are paving the way. If you’re wondering where to start or doubting whether you can impact change, I urge you to select one of these accounts to follow and listen. Just choose one at a time so you can really listen. These leaders have done the work for you. 

Let us know if you have a great resource we should include!

If you’ve been following someone with a strong voice for antiracism, inclusion, and social justice from which our community would benefit, please share their name with us.

The above photos do not belong to Detroit Mom but to the individuals listed above.


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