I Want to be a Baby-Mamma

In the new year, I want to be a baby.

I want to wear cute clothes. Babies get all the cute clothes. I want to wear ruffles, if even just at home.

When I color in a book or on the walls of my home, I want to listen to my intuition, not what Pinterest tells me. 


I want to eat more whole foods, to feel the textures, and be filled with excitement at a wonderful flavor.

When I’m sad, I want to cry. I don’t want to be strong, I want a long, cathartic wail.

I want to be proud of my accomplishments. If there is any way in this world, I would love to set aside comparisons.

If I get caught by beauty, I want to stay stuck. I want to look deeply and gently graze its outline with my fingertip.

I want to laugh every time I look in the mirror.


I have someone to help me achieve these goals.

I have a confidant, an accomplice, and inspiration, she is my baby, I am her mamma.


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