YOLO (is that still a ‘thing’?)



As everyone sets out on a #NewYearNewYou mentality, I’m choosing to throw it back to 2012 and dub 2016 the year of “YOLO,” AKA You Only Live Once. No, I won’t be printing it on t-shirts or shouting it from my car window at red lights, but why not make this year a memorable one?

Maybe rather than starting off the New Year with restricting resolutions, focus on smaller, more positive and attainable goals, things that can positively impact my daily life.




The trick to enjoying everything in life while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about moderation: food, drinks, exercise, and so forth. This year I’ve decided to stop restricting myself from things that are “bad” and rather enjoy what I want in small doses.

For example, food. 

I love food. Always have, always will. I’m not someone that can stick to a diet for 21 days without breaking into my chocolate or one to count calories. I’ve learned that the fad diets might work for the weeks that I’m super strict with myself but once I resume my “normal” routine, the 5 lbs. comes back and my long-term actions don’t change. I’m more focused on making small changes to my diet like eliminating pop, swapping coconut oil  for butter (occasionally), or replacing my carb-loaded breakfast with a superfood-filled smoothie. If I’m craving a Dr. Pepper, I’m going to drink one. If my green beans need a pinch of butter, I’ll add it. If I run out of spinach or kale, I’ll finish the last bagel in the pantry. Why? YOLO. It’s not going to kill me.

Similarly to food, exercise is one of those things that people often resolve to change in the New Year. You’ve probably already seen friends on Facebook post about how this year they’re going to stick with it. This year is going to be different. While I hope they do, I know that I personally need to be realistic about my expectations. I love barre. I teach, I practice, and I am constantly trying to improve my technique. I’m making it a goal to take class at least three times per week. Maybe some weeks it’ll be more than that and I know that occasionally, it’ll be less than that. Preparing for success starts with setting an achievable goal.

Money also plays a big role in New Years resolutions. Make more. Spend less. In theory it’s simple but in reality life happens: illness, vacations, repairs. Whatever is not in your plans on January 1, will likely pop up at an unexpected time costing you to put something else on hold. While I still plan to put money into a savings account for these unexpected events, I also want to take time to enjoy the fruits of my labor and travel with my family or splurge on something nice we can all enjoy together. Life is too short for wishes and what ifs. This year I’m going to spend money on experiences that will make great memories.

Cheers to 2016– to the health and happiness of you and your loved ones. May this year be the best year yet filled with memories to last a lifetime.


What are your YOLO moments of 2016 going to be? Comment below and share your 2016 goals with us!



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