Why Your Family Needs a Stemville Membership

Detroit Mom partnered with the amazing people at Stemville to bring you this post. All opinions are our own.

As the weather gets colder in Michigan, many parents find themselves looking for indoor fun for their kids. If you’re hoping to find a place that is interactive, fun, and educational, you’ll be thrilled to find Stemville in Northville. While you can always do a single play time, we’re sure you and your kids will love Stemville so much, you’ll want to get the membership. Here’s everything Stemville has to offer, and why it’s going to be your go-to destination for entertainment not just this winter, but all year long.

A Little About Us!

Stemville was created by Kristin and Andreea, two moms from Northville. It is currently the only location, but we hope to open more throughout metro Detroit, Michigan, and the U.S.

One of our favorite partnerships is with the Living and Learning Enrichment Center who provides services to enhance the lives of their participants with disabilities. They work at our facility throughout the week.

What does Stemville offer?

Stemville is an indoor children’s play center with STEM based activities. There are a variety of stations throughout Stemville that will invoke creativity, fun, and education. It is our hope that Stemville will stimulate the minds of all the children who visit, so they too can imagine, explore, design, and create. Beyond children’s play, Stemville was designed with parents in mind. It is an enjoyable experience for everyone who visits.

What do families love about Stemville?

Stemville is located in Downtown Northville, so you can make a whole day of your trip with many great restaurants and shops. Reservation-based tickets mean you know exactly how much playtime you’re getting and the facility is never over-crowded. We keep our facility clean at all times for your safety and peace of mind.

For parents, we play calm music, brew Great Lakes Coffee, and have free WiFi. Plus, the space is open, so you can see your child throughout their playtime.

What age(s) is Stemville created for?

We recommend children three to nine years old. We do have many guests younger and older. Yes, the age range really varies, but there are many toys for children in all these ages.

Do you do events?

We host private birthday parties on Sundays. We also host small field trips, scout groups, and other private groups. Occasionally, we have Parent’s Night Out and Slime Saturdays.

What are the benefits of having a Stemville membership?

Members receive unlimited visits, no fees for additional adults, a monthly buddy pass, and private party discounts.

How much does a membership cost vs. daily rates?

Daily rate is $20.00 per child 1 year and older. One adult is included in the cost with each child ticket. Additional adult tickets are available for $10.00 per adult.

We have two different membership options. A one month membership is $49.99 per child. A recurring (minimum of three months) membership is $39.99 for one child, $59.99 for two children, and $89.99 for three or more children.

Recurring memberships include:

  • Unlimited visits
  • Bi-monthly STEM Patch Activities
  • Monthly Buddy Pass
  • No fees for additional adults
  • Private party discounts


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