Your Home Should Tell a Story: The Home Museum

In a time of great need and self-exploration, I dove into my love of home decor to release my mind from anxious triggers. My initial intent was to just make spaces more appealing. But, the process and end result became so much more. 

Home: How would you define it? 

For some, home is simply a location. For others, home is a feeling. Home should be a place of safety and security. Home can also be a place of escape. No matter how you define it, your home should be able to tell a story and truly feel like a museum of your loved ones. 

When I am working on a space, the ultimate goal of the interior design and home decor is for people to walk into a room and feel like it is a perfect mimic of the family that it secures. My evolution with home decor did not start with the objective of presenting a family’s story through art. The process of choosing pieces to display really gained purpose when I was dealing with my most intense struggles with anxiety. 

Looking back, I now realize that anxious feelings were always present in my life, but went ignored. These feelings intensified soon after the birth of our first child in April 2018. Paired with my lack of understanding of mental health and extreme self-consciousness as a mother, I isolated myself and maintained a closed mindset to change for almost a year.

My personal anxious spectrum spans from simple daily worries to complete debilitation and panic attacks. It most often manifests in spiraling thoughts, worries, and worst-case-scenarios. As much as I am aware that I am in a state of anxiety like this, I cannot typically shake these beliefs without physically putting my mind and body into a mode of creation.

With all of this, my obsession with home decor soon became one of my core coping skills. It not only forces my body into needed movement, but I also shift my mind to focus on positive production rather than negative what-ifs.  

Your Own Home Museum

I have learned over my years of amateur-interior-design that decorations can act as so much more than pleasing the eye. When stuck in a mindset of anxiety, people (myself included) often resort to staying in safe spaces. For me, my safe space is my own home. I ultimately ended up creating visual reminders of the tangible greatness in my life to help bring my mind out of worrying and back into reality. Our homes are where we spend the most time, so why not make them a museum of us and our loved ones? 

Think about a visit to an exhibit. Art can be organized by theme, artist, or time period. Art ignites emotions. It holds value. It tells a story. Now, look around your home. Would visitors get a glimpse into your family, history, and core beliefs?

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Where to Start

An easy starting place for this process of making your own home museum is to pick a color scheme. I recommend choosing up to four major colors with the understanding that shades of these choices will provide variety. Below are some simple tips for finding the perfect color pallet for your home: 

1. Target what you already own.

Focus on items that you love and/or that cannot be changed (like furniture). These colors are must-haves. 

2. Look in your closets.

Remember, your home should be a copy of your family. We tend to wear colors that make us feel comfortable. Your home can do the same. Is your closet full of neutrals? Bright colors? All black? Run with whatever already makes sense to you. I have literally been told that I dress like my home, and that is honestly the ultimate compliment to me! 

3. Think of your familial or personal history.

Is there a color that comes to mind that represents a school, flag, or location? My husband and I both graduated from Michigan State University. We also both have strong Irish roots. So for us, it is inevitable that green would be a color that is easily welcomed into our home decor. 

color pallet, paint, home decor
Our color palette development: Our couch and walls are gray, and we have a faux leather caramel colored accent chair. Our closets are full of shades of black and green. Plus, green is a color with connections to our heritage and education.

What colors stand out to you and what makes you choose them? It may seem odd to put meaning behind colors, but it will create a strong foundation for all of my other tricks to follow. I can’t wait to hear what colors you choose. Stay tuned for more home decor ideas!

Our homes (and home decor) can reflect everything about us. Orna shares how to be intentional in our homes!


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