End of the School Year Group Gift Ideas

The end of the school year is upon us. While it can be an overwhelming time of year with class parties, school events, and a mile long to-do list, we want to show our wonderful teachers how great they are and treat them with something nice to kick off summer break. If you’re like me, each of your children has a list of amazing teachers/support staff that deserve recognition. You may be looking for some end of the school year gift ideas.

end of the school year gift ideas

Here are a few end-of-the-school-year gift ideas that work for groups and are budget-friendly:

Team Up

This one takes a bit of lead time. Pooling together with other families takes something off everyone’s to-do list. It gives you a chance to really splurge on your teachers. If you don’t already have a parent group established, teachers or directors are often happy to forward along a quick e-mail. Pool money together and put it towards a generic gift card or cater a staff lunch.

As a teacher myself, years ago I had a group of parents who would do this around the holidays. I honestly preferred to receive one gift card as opposed to multiple small things. Something generic like a VISA giftcard that can be used anywhere allows your child’s teacher to choose whatever they want. Providing lunch or breakfast for teachers is a great “bang for your buck” and can show appreciation to everyone at once. Bonus points if you can support a local restaurant at the same time. The end of the year is such a busy time, so not having to think about a meal is appreciated!

Pick a Theme

When my son was in preschool he had up to 10 teachers, paraprofessionals, and therapists on his team. Multiple gifts can add up quickly. Something I have done is put together a themed basket with many items in it that the team can divide up amongst themselves. This was an easier way for me to include the other staff members who deserve thanks at the end of year as well.

One year I did a “Box of Sunshine” theme and everything in the basket was yellow. Items inside varied to include candy, healthy snacks, school supplies, beauty products, chip clips, a candle, and a cute set of lemon dish towels. I found many of the items at the dollar store or the Target Dollar Spot. I put them in a cute wooden box that I thought the teacher could use in her classroom afterward. My hope in sending in such a variety was that each person on his teaching team could find something they would enjoy.

I’ve also seen “Orange you glad it’s summer?” with orange items, or just fun colorful items in a big bucket with a tag that says, “I hope your summer is buckets of fun!” Kids can be involved in picking out the items, and a personalized note or drawing to go along with it adds a heartfelt touch. You could probably find everything at one store and schedule a curbside pickup and be able to cross this off your list!

Make a Bouquet

If you’re feeling crafty, you can use the card clips from the florist to create your own “bouquet” gift. These could be gift cards, candy bars, or even lotto tickets. This would be great for a group of teachers and can be personalized and can look however you want.

My son is an ice cream aficionado. In the past we have given each teacher a gift card to a local ice cream spot. For my daughter’s teachers this year, we picked up individual plants from Trader Joe’s with a card that said “Thanks for helping me grow.” Kids can be a part of the decorating like in these teacher gift ideas.

We hear from teachers again and again that gifts are never expected, but appreciated. As a teacher myself, I can agree that any type of thank you is welcome. It truly is the thought that counts. A quick note or a child’s drawing can mean more than anything. Hopefully these ideas are helpful in finding a way to thank your teachers in a way that works for you. Happy summer!

Looking for other gift ideas? Stacy shares some ideas for the educators in your life!


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