Mama Got Her Work Groove Back

I’m a firm believer that ALL moms are “working moms,” but let me start with a major kudos to those mamas who are workin’ it full time. Mamas who are rocking their careers, managing...

4 Unique Twists on a Typical Egg Hunt

Egg hunt season is upon us. Last year, my son would "hide" and hunt for eggs in our backyard well into summer. He loved it! Sometimes it's fun to change things up, so if...

Kid-Friendly Apple Recipes

You did the orchard trip, ate the donuts, took the obligatory pictures, and hauled the apples home. Now what? I always end up with leftover apples and try to think of ways to enjoy...

Kids and Car Sickness

Have you seen these signs? At one of my past jobs, there was a sign that read "Days Without Incident" with a blank spot for the number of days since the last work injury....

Upcoming Vacation? Don’t Forget the Busy Bags!

Traveling with littles can be stressful for a lot of reasons, but keeping them occupied can help minimize some of the chaos. I’m all for electronic entertainment for the sanity of everyone involved, but...

Introducing Amanda Onoro: A Berkley Mom

Introducing Amanda! :: Down with Detroit :: After graduating from University of Michigan in 2008 (Go Blue!), I stayed local and taught at a preschool for the next 6 years. I love so many things about...