4 Ways for Moms to Save Money

People are always looking for ways to save money—especially moms! With everything from mobile apps to Facebook groups, it can be a little overwhelming trying to understand what fits for your family. The best way to get started is to explore some of the online and local options available to help you start purchasing differently. Here’s a list of some easy ways for moms to save money.

1. Use Websites to Help Save Money

  • Bundle is a new service that is focused on helping parents save time and money during pregnancy and baby’s first year. We all know that buying for little ones is complicated—so much to buy, so many options, so many opinions, and SO much money. Bundle shortcuts that process by analyzing thousands of real parent reviews to find the very best products in each category, then tracks down discounts and savings on them. You can subscribe for personalized monthly emails that sync up the deals with your little one’s development, and you can also follow them on Instagram for ongoing sales and discounts.
  • The Swoondle Society is a new service where you can trade in your childrens’ clothes for “new” clothes. Once you become a member, you send your clothes to the company. They will value them, and you can use your credits to “buy” new clothes for your kids!
  • Rakuten is an online service that pays you money for shopping online! Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending customers their way, and Rakuten shares that with you as cash back. Start shopping online, so you can start earning money! Here’s another article that shows more apps for saving money.

2. Check Out Different Facebook Groups in Your Area

There are tons of groups on Facebook that are geared toward buying and selling gently used items. If you’re intimidated by the buying and selling process, check out the rules set out by the administrator of the site. Also, try buying a small item initially just to see how the process works. This is a great way for moms to save money, and there’s no shipping involved!

Many areas also have “Buy Nothing” or “free items only” groups on Facebook. If you have something that you want to give away, post it on the page! If people see that you’re regularly giving things away, they might be more willing to give items to you.

3. Repurpose Your Own Stuff

Sometimes there’s something amazing in your own house! Move some furniture around or find something in the back of your basement or garage. You can make it “new” by repainting it. Or you can reuse an old purse that’s been stored away for a while. Check out this list of 100 ways to repurpose items in your house!

4. Change the Way You Shop for Groceries

Grocery shopping can be quite expensive—especially during a pandemic when people are eating at home more regularly! It adds up! If you can, plan your meals. Try to use produce that’s in season—it’s a lot cheaper. Also, buy generic items. These items can taste just as good as the name brand, and they are not as expensive. And finally, don’t shop when you’re hungry. You’ll probably end up buying more than you have on your list.

Another way to save money is to go with Sabrina’s plan of giving up makeup! Do you have any other tips for saving money? If so, let us know!


  1. Agree with the Bundle recommendation. It was a lifesaver during my baby’s first year when I didn’t have time to do any thinking or price comparing or deal hunting!

  2. Thank you for the great tips, Julia! I’ve had a lot of success with the local Facebook groups when it comes to buying and selling items. Bundle has also been helpful in leading me to the best products at the best prices!

  3. I’ve had such good success with our neighborhood’s Buy Nothing group! It’s helped me find things, but more importantly, pass along things my son has grown out of! Great rec!


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