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The current pandemic has us isolated at home with too much time to think, and not too much to do. A lot of us are struggling in isolation with our children at home. Being the director of a senior center and currently working from home, it’s got me overly thoughtful about senior citizens who face isolation as an integral part of life. Some of those seniors have absolutely no human contact at all right now given the circumstances.

Many senior citizens rely on senior centers, stores, and other places that offer human interaction because their families have moved out of town, their partners have passed away, and so on. The effects of senior isolation are greater today as many communities enforce much-needed safety measures of “social distancing.” Measures like this are enforced to keep this very demographic safe. But how can we keep them happy?

With a little participation from you and maximum enthusiasm from us, we can support and interact with local seniors by delivering a little light and color to their lives at home– all while maintaining proper measures of social distance!

Here’s How!

  • Put your kids to work. Help them write an uplifting letter, draw a picture, or do it yourself. Whatever suits your family– think colorful, inspiring, happy thoughts!
  • Please contact [email protected] to coordinate snail mail delivery to distribution location by April 10, 2020. (All letters and cards will be opened and sanitized upon receiving them, before being distributed to local seniors in and around Detroit. Feel free to pre-sanitize them in advance, and utilize clean hands while crafting!) 
  • Post a photo or video of you and your children creating mail for seniors. Use the hashtags #detroitmom and #adoptagrandpal and follow Detroit Mom on Instagram for a chance to be featured! Don’t forget to check back for updates and special notes from senior citizens in your area.

Thank You for Caring

Isolation is one of the most concerning mental health issues faced by older adults. Almost 20% of adults at the age of 65 and older in our country live alone. Of that number, more than 40% admitted to feeling lonely on any given day outside of this pandemic. Thank you for choosing to make a difference in their lives during difficult times. We can’t wait to see all of your beautiful creations and work with you to light up the lives of local senior citizens!

If a senior citizen you care about is in need of resources or information pertaining to the journey on aging, please feel free to contact Kari with The Senior Compass Group at (248) 931-4646.


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