An Open Letter to Our Local Librarians

We love our library for its resources–the books, the cozy reading spots, the quiet spaces for learning, the family-friendly programming, and the rentable items ranging from metal detectors to pickleball sets. But it is you, librarians, who truly make the magic.

You are much more than a keeper of books or someone who knows how to hunt down a copy of my child’s favorite movie in the labyrinth of aisles. How my little ones’ faces light up when a librarian remembers their name or work is priceless.

Coming from a small town–the same one in which I am now raising my children–I can recall the countless hours spent among those shelves.

It was not solely a repository of books but a sanctuary: quiet, peaceful, welcoming. Behind every memorable visit was, and still is, a librarian—someone who recommends hidden gems, guides craft time and storytelling, and overall nurtures curiosity. My kids feel like they belong at the library, like their knowledge, interests, and work are valued–even if it is a snake formed out of halved miniature cakes and a multitude of frosting in an attempt to win “Cupcake Wars.”

Because it is not just about books, but also about fostering a sense of community.

Under your watchful care, our library has been able to transcend its physical boundaries to become a vibrant hub of community engagement. Whether through concerts on the lawn, performances at the musical hall, book clubs, craft sessions, or educational workshops, you create platforms where individuals like my kiddos can connect, share ideas, and be someone outside of school, sports, and social media.

I will forever cherish the memories of my three children dancing barefoot in the grass outside the library as one of your invited musical artists played their favorite songs live. Or, the way my son turned out covered in just as much paint as his canvas but proudly boasted he was just like the artist in The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

Nevertheless, it’s true that inside those brick walls, you are the keepers of the keys to other worlds—the worlds found between the covers of books.

A place my oldest will gladly go for hours, especially if it’s an audiobook. Your commitment to fostering a love for literature and learning is nothing short of extraordinary. Based on a single title or interest, you can recommend a myriad of other stories my child might also enjoy. She’s picky, so I admire your patience, passion, and unwavering belief that the transformative power of words is always worth it.

As my little ones grow, I’m sure I’ll value how you are the unsung guides of the vast knowledge landscape. Effortlessly transitioning from reading a group of eager toddlers’ picture books with unsurpassed animation to assisting with big kid research endeavors and navigating the labyrinth of information both in print and online.

As an adult, I now know what my little ones don’t recognize; you do so much more behind the scenes.

You create spaces where minds can wander, imaginations can soar, and kiddos can discover at their own pace. Your meticulous organization of shelves, careful selection of books, and inviting spaces are the foundation upon which the magic of libraries is built—but without your compassion, zeal, and incredibly good memories, the library would be little more than a storehouse of books.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every librarian who has played a part in shaping minds, kindling imaginations, and fostering a love for learning–especially those we are lucky enough to call our librarians.

This week is National Library Week! Lindsay shares a little insight into all the amazing things your library can do for you.


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