Michelle Nelson

Michelle is a Brighton area Mom with a passion for photography, fashion, and all thing pop-culture. She's a culinary school grad, who left eleven years of restaurant management behind to become a Stay-at-Home-Mom. Follow along on Instagram @myfriendmish as she shares the beautiful moments of every day life.

Don’t Fear Your Fancy Camera; USE IT!

So you bought yourself a DSLR camera with the hopes of capturing crisper and more professional looking images. You researched different models, found the right price, and now you have it– sitting in your...

Holiday Meals Made Easy with Burgers’ Smokehouse

Have you ever cooked a turkey in less than an hour and a half? Have you ever cooked an ENTIRE holiday meal, in the same amount of time? Before recently, I didn’t even think...

“What If Your Daughter Gets Your Nose?”

I have a big nose. My mom has a big nose. My brother has a big nose. And my Dad’s is even bigger. In our house, big noses are a way of life, and...

The Basic Mom’s Guide to Fall

As time marches on, Basic Moms everywhere are switching gears from a sun-soaked summer paradise to all things pumpkin and spice. From the moment you feel the first crisp breeze in the air, you...

Am I Getting Too Old to Still Be Chasing Dreams?

A few years ago I came across a promotional post from a brand that I follow on Instagram. It was offering an opportunity to followers who were looking for a chance to jumpstart their...

Dear New Dress

Dear New Dress, When I first laid eyes on you, I knew you would be mine. In an instant, I fell in love. The way you hung so proudly amidst the racks of patterns, it...

Introducing Michelle: A Brighton Mom

If I were a Real Housewife my tagline would be: “I live my life by the Four L’s: Love, Laughter, and Loads of Laundry” Hand, hip. Pose. Pose. True Story: I love reality TV. I live...