Nikki Mattison

Nikki Mattison
My name is Nikki and I live, work and play in Plymouth with my husband, Justin, and happy almost two year old, Mackenzie. I'm a full time mom and full time business owner so my life is one big messy and fun juggling act! One of my first loves is shopping and I'm so thankful that through my work I'm able to help women find the perfect wardrobe choices for them!

Spring Fashion Trends Perfect for Mom Life

A new season means new trends, and puh-lease give me all of the fashion.  It’s fun to read magazines and also watch what walks down the runway. Sure, those looks are gorgeous and beautiful,...

I’m a Happy Mom

  I don’t do it all, but I still do a lot.  My days are full between running a household, owning a business, social time, staying current with Teen Mom (Free Butch, anyone?), the list...

Mom Uniform {Winter Edition}: winter style is possible, don’t give up moms

We’re well into winter and I know it’s more tempting than ever to throw your parka on  over your PJ’s, skip your bra (can people tell though? Let’s not answer that) and head out...
busy moms have fun

Busy Mom Finds Time For Fun

There’s an idea out there that becoming a parent means saying buh bye to your social life, your date nights, and adult fun as you know it.  Well, I’m a mom and I still...

The TV Mom Guide: 2017 Edition

I know what you're thinking, "who has time for TV"? I do. It's my me time. When the whole house is sleeping, and I should be too, I go to my DVR and fire...

“But do I look like a MOM?”

Owning a women's clothing boutique, I've heard it all when it comes to women commenting on their bodies. But the one that gets to me most? When ladies emerge from the fitting room, slightly slumped over,...

Mom vs. Minnie Mouse: My Battle with Character Clothing

Do you ever take a second to laugh about all of the things you said you'd never do as a parent but you totally do?   Technology at dinner...yup I do that now.   Tantrums in...

Confessions of a Mom with a Cleaning Lady

My husband calls it his least favorite day of the week. It's the day before the cleaning lady comes, but more importantly, the day we hide everything in our normally messy house. Why do...

My Style Re-Invention

Life since becoming a mom has been filled with so much GOOD and so many new life changes, one of which was finding a new style that worked for me.  After I had my...

Introducing Nikki Mattison: A Plymouth Mom

Introducing Nikki! :: Down with Detroit :: I like to say I live, work and play in downtown Plymouth. My town is a big piece of my heart. Growing up here, there was no doubt this...