Keep Your Kids Learning All Summer at Stemville

Detroit Mom partnered with the amazing people at Stemville to bring you this post. All opinions are our own.

Summer is finally here and we’re all excited to lean into the more relaxing parts of this time of year. For our kids, summer break means a mental vacation from school and stepping out of the structure of learning. But did you know that many kids lose the knowledge and skills they learned throughout the school year over summer break?

This is why it’s so important to keep your kids engaged with the skills they learned–like reading, science, and math–all year long. Stemville is the perfect place to beat the heat and keep your kids learning all summer. They will love everything about the fun, interactive space that will light up their imaginations and have their minds working hard, without the structure of a classroom.

Read on to learn more about Stemville, and why you should definitely make them a part of your summer break plans!

Why should kids participate in STEM activities throughout the summer?

Kids should participate in STEM activities throughout the summer because it allows them to explore concepts and solve problems in a fun and interactive manner. These activities enhance their understanding and retention of concepts they have already learned in school.

STEM activities foster curiosity and imagination by encouraging kids to ask questions and think outside the box. By participating in STEM throughout the summer, kids not only have a fun and rewarding experience, but they also develop essential skills and knowledge that will benefit them academically.

What are the benefits of kids engaging in STEM activities at different ages?

In early childhood, STEM activities can stimulate curiosity and a love for learning. It develops foundational skills like counting, sorting, and basic problem solving. Hands-on discovery also encourages exploration. For children in elementary school, STEM activities enhance critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities. They cultivate creativity and innovation through design challenges, which builds a strong foundation in STEM concepts.

Why is Stemville the hot spot to cool down this summer?

Stemville is a unique experience and should be added to your summer outings. During your visit, your child will get to explore all of the STEM stations to burn some mental energy while having a lot of fun! Parents and caretakers can sit back, relax, and enjoy Great Lakes iced coffee while being able to see their child throughout the facility.

Located in Downtown Northville, there are many great restaurants to stop at before or after your visit–and some even better ice cream spots!

Do you offer any summertime memberships or specials?

  • General admission is $20.00 per child.
  • One month of unlimited visits it is $49.99, which includes a buddy pass.
  • With a membership commitment to a minimum of three months, the monthly rate is discounted to $39.99.

Do you have any tips for planning a trip to Stemville?

Reservations are required for entry and often fill up quickly and in advance. We control our capacity so all guests have an enjoyable visit. There are many free parking lots and street parking available in Downtown Northville. We have a snack bar, and serve Great Lakes Coffee, so parents and kids can enjoy something to eat or drink while they visit. Stemville is shoe-free for all guests, so be sure to bring or wear socks for your visit!

For more information about Stemville, check out “Why Your Family Needs a Stemville Membership“!


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