Keeping Holiday Traditions Alive with a Kid-Friendly Trifle

This time of year is amazing and brings so much joy to people everywhere. For our family, it’s a time to slow down and enjoy just being together. We take time to relax and truly enjoy each other. This pandemic has really made us realize how much more important being together is and keeping our family traditions close. This holiday season, we won’t be spending time with our extended family like we’ve done in the past. Now more than ever, the traditions we’ve held close are even more important.

One tradition I grew up with and have passed on to my children is enjoying peppermint stick ice cream from November 1st to December 31st. It’s a staple in our freezer for approximately two months. It brings such warm and happy memories of my childhood holidays, and I want my kids to grow up with that same feeling.

As a child, I remember the happiness it brought when my grandmother would pull it out of the freezer at her house in Florida. Every single night of our trip, we’d sit together on the patio and enjoy peppermint stick ice cream. It’s a memory I hold close to my heart. One that I was eager to share with my own children. Imagine my excitement when I discovered Hudsonville’s Peppermint Stick Ice Cream. It’s a Limited Edition flavor, but I think the year-long anticipation is part of the fun of it.

This year, we decided we were going to have fun with different recipes using Hudonsville’s Peppermint Stick Ice Cream. The goal was to get rid of the perfection and expectation of making it Pinterest-worthy. We wanted to find something our kids could easily put together and have fun with…a recipe that you didn’t have to follow to the letter. The trifle was perfect. We could enjoy the time spent together and just be creative, because no matter what we did, it would still taste pretty amazing. Hudsonville is more than just ice cream. They are all about helping us create the sweeter moments in life and that’s exactly what happened here.

Materials Needed:

  • A trifle bowl of some kind.
    There are so many options. You typically see them with a pedestal, but I prefer the ones without so I can throw it in the freezer without taking up too much space. Don’t have one or want to purchase one? Use a clear mixing bowl or build individual trifles in mason jars. This isn’t a trifle bowl dessert you’re taking somewhere as a presentation. It’s meant to be fun for your kids.
  • Goodies that are easy to layer.
    Think sweet treats that go well with ice cream. In our house, Oreos are an absolute must. Holiday Oreos with the red filling are out right now and look so cute with the Peppermint Stick ice cream. A few things that work really well and are also extremely tasty are mini angel food cakes, lady fingers, brownie bites, chocolate cake, or cupcakes.
  • Toppings.
    The possibilities are endless here. Pick things your littles love to eat. We love holiday M&M’s, chocolate chips, candy cane pieces, broken up candy bars, or even pudding. Don’t forget the whipped cream and hot fudge, too. Those are necessities!
  • Ice Cream Scoops.
    This all depends on the size of ice cream scoops you want. We used a large one, but if you want more balls of ice cream, use a smaller scoop. Place your scoops of ice cream on a cookie sheet and freeze for a couple of hours. This will help when it comes to layering them in the trifle.
    Obviously, you need delicious ice cream to round out your holiday trifle. Hudsonville Ice Cream carries an array of flavors to choose from. We personally suggest using Hudsonville Limited Edition Peppermint Stick Ice Cream. If you want to explore other flavors, you can check out their Scoop Locator to find all of the delicious choices near you!

Once you have everything together, grab your kiddos and let them create a masterpiece. Even adults can have fun with this. If you’re a perfectionist, we suggest mentally preparing ahead of time. This is easy peasy in the sense that you will just start layering your favorite items. We chose to start with Oreos and end with Oreos. We like to put a base layer of something solid like cookies or cake, then ice cream, toppings, and repeat! It’s basically a giant ice cream sundae that the whole family can enjoy together.

The main idea here is to really enjoy time together. There are no rules. Let them be themselves and create something they are proud of. Moms, make sure you choose your favorite ice cream so you can also enjoy it. Most of all, have fun and let go of the way you feel it should look. This may become a new holiday tradition for your family, too!

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Detroit Mom partnered with the amazing Hudsonville Ice Cream team to bring our readers this post. All ice cream stories are our own.


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