Making Car Maintenance Simple with Vedoc App

Detroit Mom partnered with the amazing people at Vedoc App to bring you this post. All opinions are our own.

How much do you know about car maintenance? Do you know how to add air to your tire when the pressure is low? Can you check your oil dipstick and know if it’s time for an oil change? Do you know what to do if your car won’t start in the morning before school drop-off?

For most women, car maintenance is handled by someone else: a partner, a family member, or a professional at the dealership. But what happens when those go-to people are unavailable to help you in an urgent situation? Vedoc App is here to help make car maintenance and service as easy as a few taps on your phone. Detroit Mom is excited to partner with Vedoc App to help women in and around Detroit feel more comfortable and confident when it comes to caring for their vehicle.

What is Vedoc App?

Vedoc App is a one-stop shop for all your vehicle service needs. Vedoc connects its users to reputable service providers for a wide variety of car-related services. This includes things like auto repair, tire shops, roadside assistance, locksmiths, car detailing, towing, windshield repair, and more. Vedoc offers both in-shop and mobile services so if you can’t bring your car to a location, someone can easily come to you.

In the app, you select a service category and provide details about your car, like make and model. Then, the provider will send you an estimate of how much the service will cost and you can book an appointment with them directly in the app. The app also allows you to see progress updates about your vehicle as the repairs or maintenance are being completed, so you’re kept up-to-date every step of the way.

With Vedoc you no longer have to waste your time calling multiple shops to compare the cost of services. You can compare estimates on the app and feel confident that you aren’t overpaying. But possibly the biggest benefit for busy women and moms is that you no longer have to rely on someone else to take care of your car maintenance for you. The power is back in your hands to schedule appointments or have someone come help you in an emergency situation.

How are Vedoc App service providers vetted?

Shops undergo a review of their service quality record and customer ratings, and only the highest-rated shops are accepted. Vedoc App team members visit these shops in-person for the onboarding process. They also keep direct contact with the shop’s management team to ensure a quick resolution. You can rest assured that service providers listed on Vedoc App are reputable and professional.

Why should I know about my vehicle’s care and maintenance?

When talking with a group of women about car maintenance, many of them agreed they know next to nothing about how their vehicles work. Several of them admitted they don’t know how to do basic things like add air to their tires or replenish windshield wiper fluid. They also mentioned that they leave these things up to their husbands or call their dad when they need car help.

Not knowing anything about car repair and service can prevent you from prioritizing it or cause you to rely on someone else. It’s important as women that we take the time to learn and understand basic things about car care. Vedoc App wants to encourage women to take car maintenance and care into their own hands, especially when they’re in a pinch.

This doesn’t mean you need to know exactly how a transmission works or how to replace brakes by yourself. But having an understanding of how your vehicle works can help you feel more confident in asking questions to a service provider. In addition, within the next few months, Vedoc App plans to have a service advisor that users can contact for guidance when they have questions about car services.

Vedoc App is a great tool to help empower women in taking control of their car maintenance and care. Another added bonus is their “service now, pay later” feature that allows you to get the car repairs you need and pay over time.

Vedoc App is excited to be moving their headquarters to Detroit this spring and launch all of their amazing services in early April. Right now, you can sign up for their waitlist and get $50 towards a future service on Vedoc App.


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