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Go to right now and use the promotional code DETROITMOM and get 50% off your first month!

Last week my husband and I were invited to a football party supporting our very own Lions. Yay, right?! As we excitedly responded yes, we both realized we needed to show our love for our team with some Lion’s gear. We’re not talking a t-shirt from a sporting store, we’re talking a jersey. Those ones that look cool but cost a fortune. We couldn’t justify spending an astronomical amount when it’s possible our favorite player could get hurt or worse, traded. Or what if one of our kids has a major growth spurt and we’re stuck with an overpriced jersey they can’t wear. Nothing about that sounds exciting! 

Enter the new subscription-based sports jersey club called Rep the Squad. Rep the Squad is a start-up out of Seattle that allows fans – and moms like all of us – to rent officially licensed jerseys from our favorite teams & players for a flat monthly rate. The club has a great selection of jerseys for the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and – yes – our Detroit Lions and even the Pistons! 

A Rep the Squad subscription lets anyone wear, or ‘rep’, different jerseys for their favorite team. You can wear Stafford in white one week and Golden Tate in blue the next! It’s a great way to show support for your favorite team. It’s kind of like Rent-the-Runway for Jerseys. For our Detroit sport loving family that sounds simply wonderful! So let us break down the process for you and you can decide if Rep the Squad is right for your family! 

Here’s how it works: 

1)     Simply sign-up on and rank your favorite jerseys – creating a ‘digital locker.’ 

2)     Rep the Squad will send your first jersey in just a few days and include a pre-paid return envelope. 

3)     Wear the jersey as much as you want. 

4)     Once you’re done with the jersey just throw it back in the mail and your next one is on the way. 

And as a mom of 3 and a husband, I was even more thrilled to learn that we didn’t need to wash the jerseys before sending them back. We took them off and threw them right into a pre-paid return envelope. That’s a win in this house. Now let’s say your husband decides he wants to keep the jersey, that’s totally okay too. Rep the Squad will sell you the jersey at a discount rate. Let’s call it an early Christmas present! 

Something we loved about Rep the Squad was that it offers over 30 jerseys for the Lions alone! We could wear a current player, or, if we wanted to, we can go with a classic like Barry Sanders or future Hall of Famer – Calvin Johnson! Don’t forget great Pistons stars of old like Isiah Thomas and Grant Hill. And we get to choose the colors!  The best part about it all – you don’t even have to choose one! For just $19.95 a month, you can get access to all 30+ jerseys.

Queue my excitement mamas because this may be my favorite part. What kid doesn’t look adorable in a jersey? Like I said before many of us have a hard time justifying the price knowing our kids will quickly grow out of that pricey team spirit? The worst, right?! What I love about this subscription club is they grow with your children and allow you to get the size your child needs at the time they need it. By using Rep The Squad’s youth subscription ($16.95 a month), our kids can be sporting the newest and shiniest Lions jerseys. At the end of the day/week, we can just throw the jersey in the mail and get a new one. They carry youth small, medium and large so you can adjust size as needed with a single click. If your kids are anything like mine their favorite player changes weekly, if not daily at times. Rep the Squad allows them to favor Matthew Stafford one week and move onto Marvin Jones the next.

Sounds pretty reasonable, right?! Now you can be that cute family with matching Lions jersey at your next football party or even better, the actual game. So, what are you waiting for? Go to right now and use the promotional code DETROITMOM and get 50% off your first month. Plus, there’s no monthly commitment so you aren’t obligated to continue if you don’t love it. You’re

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