The Best Book Subscription Boxes for Adults

As we enter day eleventy million of quarantine, I have a lot of regrets about not blowing through my local library Supermarket Sweep style and picking up bags of books. I’m an avid reader and my stockpile is running low. Luckily, there are dozens of excellent book subscription services that are still up and running to keep my page quota satisfied. I’ve sourced the best book subscription boxes for adults that will ship directly to your door.

Book of the Month | Starts at $12.50 per month

The staff at Book of the Month selects five books each month for their subscribers to choose from. Readers can choose one book with their plan, add on more for a reduced cost, or skip the month and save their credit for later.

Bookcase.Club | Starts at $9.99 per month

If you enjoy surprises, this is the subscription box for you. Just select one of the six themes, and the team at Bookcase.Club will select two secret books. It’s easy to switch genres and put your subscription on pause, too.

Feminist Book Club | Starts at $12.00 per month

The Feminist Book Club takes the subscription experience to a new level by allowing members to choose the book club picks and offering virtual discussions. They source from woman-owned businesses and include some delightful products in their book box as well.

Just Books Box | Starting at $12.08 per month

The Just Books Box offers exactly what their name says: just books. No extras, no swag, no doodads. They offer various genre-themed boxes and several sizes to fit the need of every minimalist reader.

My Thrill Club! | Starts at $16.00 per month

Lovers of horror, mysteries, and thrillers will thoroughly enjoy this book box. Simply select your genre, and they send you two hardcover books plus an Ebook selection every month.

Noir Reads | $34.99 per month

Noir Reads features a variety of genres exclusively from black authors. Each month subscribers get two or three book selections, a reading guide, and access to their online discussion groups.

My Lit Box | $17.00 per quarter

This box features a carefully selected and newly released book from authors of color plus a couple of goodies. The benefit of this box is it only ships four times a year.

The Book Drop | Starting at $16.99 per month

The Book Drop was born out of an Indie bookstore with the hopes they could bring the shop small experience to every reader. Simply choose from one of their eight subscription plans based on your interests and they send you a book plus some great author information each month.

The Bookworm Box | Starts at $9.99 per month

This Bookworm Box offers romance and young adult reads and every dollar of their profits goes to charities in need. Readers can choose their level of subscription, from digital only all the way up to a box filled with autographed books and copious amounts of book swag.

Used Books Monthly | Starts at $5.79 per month

Environmentally conscious readers: rejoice! Used Books Monthly sends you one, two, or four gently used books in one of their five genres of your choosing each month. The picks are all surprises, which is a great addition to this cost-effective subscription.

Which book subscription box will you try out first? For a few more Detroit local subscription services, check out A Dose of Detroit: Local Subscription and Mail Order Boxes.


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